Friday, November 11, 2016

Storage for the home

I have been wanting to try out crocheting baskets with jute (string) since I first started making crochet baskets. I had my heart set on making two large ones for a friend's birthday. I did initially want them to be bigger than they are, but after working with the jute and realising how much I would need I settled on this size. They are just a little rounder than a large dinner plate and stand about 15 cm high with the top folded over.
Things I learnt from this project, string is not the easiest to work with, it does not slide or come together all that well, and when you are working with two strands its more difficult. It is also very rough on your hands while you work.

Would I make more ? Probably not, but I love these and so did my friend!

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Lis :)


  1. They look so great and are a lovely gift. It is always fun and sometimes frustrating to try something new.

    1. Thanks Suze, they were frustrating but so glad I tried them :)