Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Birthday cards for the guys in your life

Does everyone struggle  a little with making cards for the guys, or is it just me? There seem to be so many options for ladies cards, or maybe I just need to work on my imagination and creativity a little more with the guys cards.
It took a little bit of delving through the inspiration bank for these cards but came up with what I think are pretty cool cards that are suitable.

With the first one for my dad I worked with just words, deciding on the message I wanted and searching my alphabets to come up with the right fonts and colours. Simple but says it all!
This second one came about from putting away sheets of paper from my desk, the frame paper I have had for a long time. I knew eventually I would find a use for it, took a bit of time to cut out all the frames and to work out the pattern but again another simple but effective card.

Will have some ladies cards and one for the tween to share soon.

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