Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Crochet Cotton Table Centre

I have been so busy the last few weeks, working on handmade gifts, my charity group projects, customer orders as well as trying to get some scrapbooking done and get organised for Christmas gift making. Have I taken on too much? Maybe but I'm happier when busy so I'm pushing through.
Wanted to share with you a gift I made for a special lady recently. She has just moved into a new home and is busy designing and furnishing with lots of new and pretty things as well as some handmade and vintage.
This table centre was so easy to make, using double stranded 4 ply crochet cotton and my new favourite c2c stitch. It worked up fast and looks great as well as being functional.
I was a little worried about it being a bit too thick, but it sits nice and flat and isn't that bulky.

You may just see alot of crochet items made using the c2c stitch in the future, I love how easy it is to crochet and yet it looks quite fancy. The other thing that I am loving is that the border is easy to do and I'm not counting a hundred stitches and I haven't had any issues with it not being square. Winning!!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Things are flat out around here with my to do list never ending. Lots of cool things to share with you soon, but for now enjoy some recent photos of our gorgeous grandson.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Sewwing for Charity (Australia)

Recently I joined with a lovely bunch of ladies who volunteer for charity, they collaborate to donate items to many different charities every month.
The head honcho Cass explains it like this....

The purpose of this group is to collaborate together to sew and donate requested items to our chosen charities and community organisations in Australia.
You can help by gathering/ donating fabric or by sewing or both!
Volunteers can come from anywhere as fabric can be posted, and we have sewing groups popping up in different areas. If you would like to join or start one email us volunteer@sewingforcharity.com or message us via facebook .
Any fabric donated should be clean, smoke free and suitable to make items such as bags, pillowcases, play mats, clothing, patchwork blankets and other items.

Now you may be thinking "but your crochet not sew" and you would be correct but whilst the group is mainly filled with sewer's they do take crochet and knit items as well. I have been living next door to Cass for over a year before I found out all about her group, wish Id found out sooner.
July and August we are working on preemie items for a few different organisations but this changes every month or so.

If you would like more information about this group or you would like to help or donate then leave me a comment and I will contact you or email me. Alternatively you can check out the group on Facebook and email Cass for all the info you will need.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Crochet Doiley

Really happy with how this doiley turned out, I haven't worked with this particular brand of crochet cotton before. It was supposed to be 4ply but it seemed alot thinner than that so I doubled it and think it was for the best.
The pattern was made up by me as I went along, I'm getting good at adjusting stitches and making things work. Colours chosen especially for a lovely lady who this was for, still waiting for her to receive it and see what she thinks.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Crochet Infinity scarf

Winter is almost over but some parts of Australia had some extremely cold days, including my home state of Tasmania which even had snow at street level!!
The perfect weather for rugging up with winter woollies and a thick infinity scarf is ideal. I made this one for my niece for her birthday - she lives in Tassie.
Using a 10ply acrylic and a basic hdc I even managed to get my chain st ring right the first time! Long enough to wrap around her neck twice to keep her toasty warm.

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Friday, August 05, 2016

Crochet Toddler Poncho

This year I wanted to be a little more adventurous with my crochet and try to learn new things. One of those things was making things myself without a pattern, the other creating more than just baby booties and blankets. Ive managed to do both of those things with this project, which is making its way back into wardrobes. Ponchos were all the rage a few decades back but now are becoming popular again.
After a little bit of time and frogging the start I was able to work out the neckline, after that it was just a matter of making sure I increased in the right place each round.
Made with 8ply acrylic yarn using a 5mm hook, a simple granny stitch with a contrasting colour added for the fringe and chain tie at the neckline.

This one suitable for a 1-2 year old, in going to work on a bigger one next time and maybe a different stitch.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2016


When your goal is to make gifts for all birthdays it can be a little challenging when you have teenage nieces who lets agree can be difficult to even buy for most of the time.
Luckily for me I have nieces that are loving the Bohemian style at the moment, so a dreamcatcher was the ideal solution.
A wooden hoop found at Lincraft, strips of material to cover that hoop and a vintage doiley and it was looking good. I added a crochet flower and a bit of bling to the hoop before starting on the lace.
This time I added some strung beads and some bobbly yarn to my lace.

The perfect gift as I had hoped, the birthday girl loved it!

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