Monday, October 24, 2016

Chayse @ 18mths

I remember back to when this little guy was born and so many things about him were just like his daddy. Over the last 18mths as he has grown into a independent, cheeky little guy this has been reaffirmed.
He has grown to be bigger than what his daddy was at the same age, but his mannerisms and cheeky independent nature are so very similar to Josh's at that age.
He doesn't walk much, he runs everywhere, he loves to climb investigate everything. Trucks are his favourite toy playing with them, riding or pushing them around. He is saying so much more now and  loves to copy.
He also knows where all the good food at Granmas house is and that Grandpa will usually give it to him!

Life with Chayse is full on and exhausting but we wouldn't have it any other way, we love him to bits.

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Lis :)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Art Journal

Over the last few months I have been doing so much crochet, which I love doing, but I just needed a break. Needed to play with paper and get my hands messy a little. I had no inspiration to scrapbook so I grabbed my art journal, paints, glue, papers and stamps and just started playing.
It was just what I needed, no pressure to get anything right, no worry about did it all match or suit the photo, just fun messy creative fun!

I was inspired that much that I did two pages and prepped another couple, all of which I will share when they are complete.
What do you do to get inspired and motivated to keep creating?

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Grandpa's Workshop Collaboration

In the past I have shared project that Grandpas' Workshop has been creating, some amazing and cute kids toys and furniture. I have joined up with him to work on a project and will be collaborating more in the future.
Whilst my woodwork is limited to say the least I am able to help with design and finishing touches. Currently in the workshop he is working on the cloning of a tiny wooden chair for a friends grandchildren.
Grandpa also has some ideas for some cute little ones toys with prototypes in production. Some may even be ready for that perfect kiddies Christmas gift.

If you haven't already then be sure to check out Grandpa's Workshop on the facebook page or follow him on Instagram.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Halloween crafts

Do you get into the spirit of Halloween?
Here in Australia, or at least Queensland it seems that every  year the number of people taking part is growing larger and larger.
Our family don't partake to the extent of decorating or dressing up, although the holiday suits my husband personality very well. He would be awesome at decorating our place.
We do (finances permitting) have treat bags ready for any little dressed up kiddies that knock on our door.

I have been browsing through all the amazing Halloween crafts on pinterest, some people go way out in their Halloween decor.
I have selected a few of my favourites to share here.

The cushions are not a  free pattern but are available to purchase on etsy.

Click on the link under each photo and it will take you to the pattern details.

If you trick or treat have fun!

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Crochet bookmarks

All those readers out there will know the importance of a bookmark, I hate the idea of dog earring pages and the damage it does to books. Total personal choice and if anyone does that to their own books then its all good. That's why bookmarks are a must for me, I've tried having paper ones and either lose them or they fall apart easily.

I started making crochet ones awhile ago and they have been the only ones that I don't seem to loose and they definitely last the distance. They also dry easily if you drop them in the bath whilst having that relaxing soak. There are so many cute and pretty patterns you can get access to or if your clever enough design your own.
I have been making a heap up for the charity group I belong to, they will be added to our reading pillow gifts.
Below you will see the three designs Ive chosen along with the links for patterns.
All are made with an 8ply acrylic yarn, just scraps that I had lying around, they don't use up hardly any yarn at all.

I have 100 to make and currently have about 30 so I'm going to be a busy for the next few weeks. 
Are you a reader, what do you use as a bookmark? If you have any cool ideas let me know in the comments below.

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Friday, October 07, 2016

Old School Letter writing

The art or writing a letter and putting a stamp on and putting in the post box seems to be making a little bit of a comeback. It might be easier and quicker to send an email or text and have a reply instantly or the same day, but there is a simple joy in doing it 'old school'.
I have been handwriting letters for years, penpals that have come and gone, new penpals and dear friends who love the old way as much as me.

I spent some time today writing a couple of letters using some pretty cards I was gifted and a freebie from Frankie magazine. Its not only the card or letter I like to be pretty I very rarely send of mail without the envelope being all pretty too.
I had so much fun with these ones, using the rubber on the end of a pencil and my watercolours to make colourful dots. So easy but looks awesome!

Do you still write letters old school or have you moved with ahead with technology and email ?

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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Crochet Shower Scrubbies

My creative to do list is long at the moment, but slowly I am crossing things off, one of those things is these shower scrubbies.
Ive made quite a few of these in the past, they are made from craftulon - a nylon very similar to soft tulle - they are reasonably soft but with a little texture that is perfect for exfoliating. They last alot longer than the $2 ones you can get from cheap shops. We have one in each bathroom and have been using them for over a year without any hint of falling apart.

They are really simple to make too, it's just three rows of 3 dc in each stitch to make it curl.
These scrubbies and some more that I have planned will be heading to Sewing for Charity Australia to make up Christmas gifts for our October/November projects.

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