Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Zentangling the fancy art of doodling

 Are you a doodler ? I confess I am!
Give me a pen or pencil and something to draw on and it will generally have doodles of some sort, especially those times when I'm on hold on the phone!
A couple of years ago I was introduced to the art of Zentangle. For those of you who aren't familiar with it (google it its fun) it is all about using different lines and dots to form patterns. The way I see it doodling taken to the next level!

I was lucky enough to find both these books in my op shop travels recently and have been reading them both trying to learn more!
There are some beautiful intricate patterns as well as some basics that everyone should be able to master. I kinda just let it flow when I'm zentangling, go with what works or looks good.
Last year I did up some simple Initials for friends with some of the more basic patterns. I have done a couple up this year and tried out some new patterns but cant share those until after Christmas!

If you give zentangling a go or have done in the past please link me up I would love to see!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Housewarming BBQ

Got to love a Sunday just sitting relaxing with good  food and great company! I shared  here how we helped my sister and BIL move house a few weeks back.
They thanked everyone by having us all over for a bbq, a little housewarming at the same time.

It was a nice warm day and pefect for just lazing aboutdoing nothing but eating, drinking and chatting. The kids decided not to come - they didnt help with the move anyways haha - so it was very cool for John and I to go somewhere on our own for a change.
Got to catch up with guys we hadnt seen for awhile which is always great and of course hanging out with the extended family which doesnt happen anywhere often enough these days.

Huge big thanks toVicki and Jim for having us and all the awesome food, we had a great day!
We really must have more!

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Lis :)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lets get organised - crochet hooks

Since I started to crochet I have accumulated quite a number of different size crochet hooks. I did have them in a jar on my desk, but needed something that I could transport to the lounge of a night and in the car if needed so I chucked them all in a zipped bag.

This system worked for a little while until the OCD in me got annoyed with having to take all the hooks out to see which one I needed.
I tried a crochet holder but wasnt happy with that, next I got a hook holder from Lincraft which honestly was useless. It didnt hold any of my larger hooks and it was small.

I happened upon this smiggle pencil caseon one of my thrifty ventures, when I opened it up I had a little light bulb moment.
I brought the case got it home and Yay!! It is the perfect size,holding all my hooks large as well and I can fit scissors and measuring tapes as well.
The next thing I have to do is put a little needle holder in there and it will be the perfect transportable crochet case!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Scrapbooking - Creating boy pages

Scrapbooking boys hasn't always been the easiest, finding embellishments to add to the pages suitable for boys has at times been quite frustrating.
Shapes have always been a go to for me with stars and circles and arrows but after awhile you just want something different and my boys really disliked having anything remotely girly on their photos.

Its probably part of the reason why I'm a minimalist hah! I do make alot of my own bits to go on their pages but with these 3 I have gone back to the basics and used arrows and circles.
My normal paints and scraps feature again with some older photos of Daniel in my attempt to use up what I have before buying new and also to get all older photos scrapped.

If you have any cool ideas for unique boy embellishments leave me a note below would love to know your thoughts.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Lets get organised - Gift wrapping

Its almost that time of year again when we all have a zillion presents to wrap up. October and November are busy birthday months for me so the next 3 months I will be going through alot of paper, bags, ribbon and tags.

 I thought I would come and share how I organise and store all my gift wrap supplies. Its by no means a fabulous system and im sure there are better out there but this works for me.
I tend to buy paper by the roll, its easier to get the amount of papre required. I store all my rolls in an upright container, nice and easy to see what you have.

 I have a small container that holds any paper I get not on a roll, along with tissue paper and cellophane, it sits on a shelf beside my desk.
I have a plastic crate filled with ribbons, bows, pom poms, large tags and anything else I might use to decorate the outisde of a package.

 Beside my plastic crate on a shelf I have this basket I thrifted which holds all my bags, paper and plastic.
This system works for me and its easy for the boys if they need to wrap things.

What sort of system do you have for all your wrapping supplies ? Would love for you to share your ideas with me, leave me a msg below with all your ideas.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Thrifty finds - glass bottles

I think I may have a new addiction! Lately on every trip to my local thrift stores I come home with some sort of glass bottle.
Not just any glass bottle I am a little bit picky, milk bottles are a favourite, I picked two up last week and now have a little collection of different sizes happening.

Bottles with fancy designs, anything vintage or any bottle that just catches my eye usually comes home with me. Love the little Le Jardin bottle not sure what it may have originally been used for but I think it would look so pretty on a dressing table or ensuite sink.

Now until I run out of space to store them or hubby says enough.... I will keep collecting pretty glass bottles!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This happened in September...

Wow! What a September we had, usually things start to slow down for us about now, footy is almost over and we get a little while to chill before the silly season starts.

The month started of with a couple of visits to the doctors, one for me nothing major just a recurring knee injury. The other we Dan a little more serious with a cut to his leg at work requiring stitches.
Father's Day was pretty quiet, the boys all spent some time with their dad and we wished we were in Tassie with ours.
Footy finals saw us take home two premierships and lots of partying.
Jayden started to think about what he wants to wear for his formal and got himself some nice clothes for church.
With a little help from John I spent a weekend rearranging my craft room and organising everything.
There was lots of penpal letters received and sent out and card making.
Ashleigh and I got busy making engagement invitations.
There was some hanging out at home with family and friends.
Jayden had a fall of his skateboard and was a little grazed and sore for awhile.
Spent some time with Maree and Bronie for their birthdays
Dan went and got himself another tattoo.
Probably the biggest thing to happen this month was the news that we re going to be grandparents!! Josh and Ash are having a baby, due in April next year,

Hoping October might be a bit more relaxing!

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Lis :)