Tuesday, May 03, 2016

May Creative goals

I have been doing these monthly goals for over a year now with a good success rate that is until now. If your going to fail do it in a big way ? I think I only managed to get one thing from last months goals list done.
Now I could fall in a hep and get really distressed about it and give up setting goals, but that's not me at all.
I believe I had a pretty good reason for not being all that productive in April and just need to reassess my limits from now on.
Footy season started again so weekend crafting has gone, and my family moved back from the sunshine coast and i have been babysitting during the week. Not really practical to get crafty with a one year old running around.

So, goals for May...

Birthday cards for June
baby gift needed for end of June
Scrap the boys
Jot mood Board

If I manage to get an other projects done in this time then its a bonus.

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Lis :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lets celebrate - Chayse turns One

Twelve months ago we celebrated the arrival of our first grandchild. A beautiful little baby boy who turned our world upside down - in a good way.
As a tiny baby he was such a happy little guy, always smiling and a joy to be around. Watching him grow over the last year has been a pleasure and a privilege. There have been many times where he has looked or done things just like his daddy and at other times taking after his mummy. He really is a celebration of both of them.
This last week we celebrated again as our little guy turned one!! The old cliche, where has the time gone. From a tiny little baby you gave lots of cuddles, to this amazing little boy who not just walks but runs everywhere, is learning to talk and communicates in his own special way.
He is a bundle of energy and still a smiley happy little man and we love him to bits.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of photos taken of his 1st birthday celebrations.


Happy birthday Chayse!

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Lis :)

Monday, April 25, 2016

1st Birthday card

Just popping in to share this 1st birthday card I made. Our little grandson turned one last week, oh wow that time went really quickly!
He is such a little monkey so these Autumn Leaves stamps were perfect. I layered some different shades of cardstock cut out a huge number one and stamped on my vine. Then I stamped the monkeys onto cardstock and cut them out before adding them to the page with a couple of party hats.

1st Birthday post and photos to come very soon!

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Lis :)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Thrifted yarn

Always on the look out for a bargain especially where yarn is concerned. Is it just me or has it got really expensive of late ?
I picked all this yarn up for  the huge amount of $5 got to love thrift shopping. There is a couple  balls of cotton which are earmarked for some baby washers. two large balls of Chenille and a few of Fairy Floss. My favourite is the Bella Baby Parade I found, it is the softest yarn I think I have worked with.

You know how you have that huge list of projects waiting to be finished, but you find new yarn, or products and you just have to start playing with them? Yep, that happened, I couldn't resist starting with the Bella Baby yarn. Other than being so soft and pretty it crochets up alot easier than I thought it would.

 Now to resist  and get some projects finished before I start on more of this new yarn.

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Lis :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Knitted fluffy scarf

Imagine if you will for a minute your shopping and you find this really pretty super soft yarn and its only $1 a ball. You have to buy it right? I had visions of a small bassinet or pram blanket for a baby boy, that is until I grabbed a hook and went to start.
I forgot that this yarn is very hard to see the stitches, so makes trying to crochet anything with it difficult ( well for the inexperienced me anyways).
So I changed plans, grabbed a set of 8mm knitting needles and turned it into a snuggly warm scarf instead.

It reminded me why I rarely knit, crochet is so much quicker. I used Moda Vera Blissful yarn and a garter stitch and kept knitting until it was long enough to wrap around my neck twice.

I have the same wool in a pretty pink colour as well so if anyone has an ideas other than a scarf please leave me a message. I know I could knit a blanket, but that takes for ever and as I don't have a circular needle thick enough trying to fit all those stitches on a normal needle is difficult.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Crochet set for bubba

Just popping in to share a little baby set I  finished a little while ago, even though the weather in Queensland doesn't get as cold as some of the southern states every bubba needs to keep their head and feet toasty warm.
The beanie and booties only took me a night to complete, both made using Bella Baby bambini yarn.

Almost finished with all my baby projects just a few more to go, well that is until the next family member or friend falls pregnant.

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Lis :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Art journal update

I took some time out last week to get messy and just play in my art journal. It really is therapeutic and gets the creative motivation happening.
Lots of layers with paints and stencils, shapes, inks and stickers and just letting the page make itself. Most of the time I start out with a goal in mine but end up with a totally different result. Love this quote by Rachel Ann Nunes.

This second one was lots of layers of tissue paper and vintage sewing patterns, throw on some gesso, inks and a few rubons and finish with an image from a old Kasazz stamp catalogue and some water colour and it was done.

After creating these two pages I'm determined to take a little time each month to put aside the photos and scrapbooking and the crochet and just let loose and get messy.

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Lis :)