Friday, February 05, 2016

Home made decorations

What do you do when you need to decorate for an 18th and none of the shops close to you have 18th decorations.
I could of driven a further 15 mins to other stores, but it was hot and I was sick of being out shopping (oh yes I did just say that) so I went home dejected.
After a bit of moping because I could t do what I had wanted it occurred to me that I was a crafter and had a room full of craft supplies, so why not make my own.
I did have a scrunched up happy birthday banner, so I carefully with a tea towel over it did my best to get it smooth. I then printed out some happy 18th signs and cut into circles, I was going to laminate them but ran out of time.
It needed something else, so I went old school with a pile of coloured paper and my trusty stapler. With my older sons help (mainly his lungs) we add balloons and got it all strung up in the doorway for when Jay woke up the next morning.
It might not have been what I originally wanted but I love how it turned out and the birthday boy thought it was cool.

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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

I am going to read more this year

Ever since I was a young Girl I have loved reading, I find it relaxing to sit down and get lost in the pages of a novel.
Over the last few years the amount of books I've read has been very few, whilst the amount of books I've accumulated that still sit unread is high.
I made the decision that this year will be the year that changes, I am going to make a determined fort to read more.
I pulled out all the books that I haven't read, I've done up a list in my planner as well as recording here to make it easier for me to keep track. Besides crossing things of a list is always a good feeling.
There are 13 books here and while I liked to say I will get them all read by the end of the year I think that might be a little unrealistic.
What I am aiming for is at least 7 books read, if I get more than that then it's a bonus! No doubt the pile of books will grow over the year too. I just can't seem to resist leaving a great book in a thrift store.

Monday, February 01, 2016

February Creative goals

The begining of another month and time to set my creative goals, but before we do that lets have a look at how I went last month.
I completed all but one gift from my list and I have almost finished the last gift. Pretty happy with considering the weather here has been so hot and humid its been hard to get normal things done let alone any crochet or scrapbooking. Think sweat dripping of all parts of you - not a great look let alone all over your projects.

So weather permitting, is currently 37c here today and expected to be that again tomorrow, here are this months goals.
2 female cards
2 male cards
Jot mood board
Scrap the boys layout
finish gift from last montsh lists
birthday gift for a sweet lady
start on more baby items ready for up coming baby showers
work on a gift ready for April

So praying for soeme cooler weather to get this list done!

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Baby Boy crochet

A friends daughter is due to have her little baby boy very soon, so I got busy making a few little things for her. I chose to use Carnival soft 8 ply yarn as it crochets up really well and its as the name says very soft. I made her a simple stripe bassinet blanket as well as a couple of beanies.
I have had good reports back from my crochet washers I do for babies so I made up a few of these for her too. Using a Lincraft 8 ply cotton and a v stitch pattern.

Looking forward to meeting this little guy!

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Lis :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Maroochy Bushland Botanical Gardens

John and I spent a weekend on the Sunshine coast with the kids a couple of weeks ago and had planned to go to Noosa for a walk around the headlands. The day brought rain and with Josh on call decided that a 40 minute drive to just have rain wasn't worth it.
Plan two was to head to the lake for the day, we did attempt that but with no parking in sight and a little googling from Ash we discovered a botanical gardens.

The Maroochy Bushland Botanical Gardens turned out to be just a 5 min drive from their place in Tanawha and was amazing. Tucked into the natural bushland on the left side of the freeway a total about turn fro the hustle and bustle of beach and tourist resorts on the right.
We checked out the map of the gardens and decided to do the sculpture garden walk which had some amazing stone sculptures, all with significance to the bushland. This walk was easy and didn't take very long and was easy enough to push the pram along the marked path.
Next we headed of on the Lagoon Walk this was a longer walk and at times Ash needed help with the pram. Such a beautiful walk though with amazing scenery and so many things to look at. We were almost at the end of the Lagoon walk when Josh got called into work, so we cut short the walk and headed back to the car.

The Gardens had a few different walks, the two we did and a couple of longer and a bit harder ones as well as some rock pools. We have already decided we need to go back again, this time taking a picnic lunch and exploring it alot more.
The gardens have Modern Arts and Ecology Interpretive/Function Centre and free guided walks on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 9am–10am. Would be a beautiful place for  a wedding too (if allowed) and there are so many places suitable for photo shoots.
If you are on the Sunshine Coast with a little free time then it is well worth a visit.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Scrap the Boys - January

My second layout for the year this time I played along with Scrap the Boys and their mood board challenge for January.
I struggled a bit with the colours in this one, I'm a bit traditional with my boy layouts being that they should be only boy colours and such. The purple thru me for awhile until I had a little chat with myself and said its inspiration only just got with what you feel.
In saying that I did add some purple but still feel that it has kept its masculine feel too. The layout all about my hubby's new huge lens he got and his experimenting with it.

Interested in checking out this months challenge or just wanting some inspiration then head on over to their blog.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Kesic baby shower

This year there are quite a few babies due to be born amongst family and close friends so I'm going to be busy crocheting up beanies and booties and blankets for little bubs.
Our first for the year is due about the 29th January and we already know is going to be a little boy.
I made a pretty basic v stitch bassinet size blanket in Carnival soft 8ply doing a bit of an ombre stripe. I also made up a couple of beanies and a set of booties using the same yarn but in a variegation.

The new mum already received the gift and loved them! On to the next one which is also going to be a little boy, hopefully there might be a little girl born to one of them!

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