Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Its hard to believe our gorgeous little grandson is already 5 weeks old, had to share some of the photos from the last few weeks.



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Monday, May 25, 2015

Our little monkey

Just popping in to share a cute little monkey hat I made for Chayse! I always thought that character hats would be quite hard to do, but really they are just a simple beanie with other bits added.
The monkey pattern I found here was easy to follow and the whole thing came together quite quick.

Excuse the photo taken on a doll and not my gorgeous little grandson, I must get one of him wearing it before it gets too small. The little guy is growing so damn quick!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Gift wrapping station

Gift wrapping can be one of those jobs that you either love or hate. Some of us love to get really creative and make the gift look as pretty as its contents.
If your anything like my boys then you find the nearest thing that will cover the gift and you sticky tape it all together.

Personally I love gift wrapping and making it all pretty and am constantly looking for ways to keep all my supplies together not just so its easier for me, but maybe the boys might take a bit more care too (I can dream haha).
Recently I was given a couple of these filing drawers, and I had one more than I really needed after looking at it for a few days I realised it would make the perfect wrapping station.

The large bottom drawer is perfect for all those gift bags, I have the larger ones in the back and have used a couple of small containers to house the smaller bags. Ive also put a couple of gift boxes I had in their as well. The middle drawer holds all my wrapping ribbons, its just the right depth for the large spools to stand up, the only thing I'm going to do is add a little sticker to the top of each spool so I know at a glance which colour is which.

The top drawer will eventually hold all my gift toppers and other smaller bits and pieces, at this stage they are in the middle drawer until I find containers small enough to fit in the top drawer.
The top of my drawers holds all my gift wrap, a thrifted basket which holds all my rolls of paper and another basket which holds all my flat gift wrap and tissue and cellophane.

So far its working well with everything in one place.
Do you have cool or clever storage for your gift wrapping ? Please share with us in the comments below.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5 places to visit

 I really really want to travel! There are so many places that Id love to visit and sadly I don't think I will ever get to most of them, so I just continue to dream.
When I first thought about doing this post my original idea was for it to be a bit of a bucket like list, as in one day I will visit etc. Ive since decided to be a little realistic and look at 5 places that I would like to visit in 2015/2016. Places that Id really like to go and ones that might actually happen.

 the view looking towards Hobart from my parents home.  


 Tassie is always top of my list to visit, with my family being there its the one place I miss the most. The next time we go, as well as visit with family, id really love to show the boys around the place that we were all born. Show them places I grew up loving, and places that they may not remember anymore (they were young when we left).

 photo taken from lookout


 A couple of years ago we spent a weekend in Noosa and I loved it, even though it was pretty busy with tourists it was just so peaceful and beautiful.
The weekend we spent there was for footy, we stayed the night in a lovely apartment and then spent the Sunday playing tourist. It wasn't long enough to take it all in and see everything.
I want to go back and spend at least a few days there just for us exploring and soaking it all in.


Not long after we first moved to Brisbane one of our friends from Tassie was playing a roller hockey tournament in Caloundra so we took a day trip to watch him play and catch up with his family. We had a little glimpse of what a beautiful place it is but spent the entire day inside.
Id love to spend a weekend here and relax and explore a little.


We have driven past the turn off for Coolum so many times on our way to and from footy games and Ive probably said every time I want to visit their.
My eldest son worked for a number of days at a resort there and my middle son spent a long weekend there and both had great things to say about the place. I just really want to check it out for myself.

Coffs Harbour

Another place i have never been but my son and husband stayed their back when we first moved to Brisbane. So many people i know have also been there and loved it and with it only being a few hours down the road I think we could manage a weekend here when footy is over (hopefully).

Hopefully over the next couple of years I will get to visit all of these places. We are limited to travelling outside of footy season so only have about 4-5 months a year, but my fingers are crossed.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Knitted dishcloth - week 6

 I am starting to get quite a collection of dishcloths now, although I still think they are too pretty for using on dishes. They might just be face washers instead.
Sharing with you today week 6 of One Crafty Mumma's dishcloth challenge, a super easy free pattern from Mollie  Makes.

When i first started on this one I didn't think the pattern was showing and that maybe I was doing something wrong, but I kept going  and it soon showed up.
I think that maybe the variegated cotton didn't help much and it might show better with a plain cotton, but still happy with it.

If you want to follow along with the challenge or would just like the pattern then use the links above.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Scrap the Boys - May

 This months challenge over at Scrap the Boys was a graphic image that was perfect for my older boys. I kept the colours in the layout mainly black and white to fit the image and used lots of stamps and some rubons I've had for ages. Using a photo of my youngest taken a few years ago just chilling against a graffiti wall.

 Check out the current challenge and any past or future ones over on their blog.

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Friday, May 08, 2015

Decorating the Nursery

In the weeks before Chayse was born John and I talked about what we could get him for a gift that we could turn into a bit of a tradition for any more grandchildren to come.
We threw about alot of different ideas, we knew that we wanted it to be handmade which made our options a  bit limited. Eventually the idea of name art came up and after trying out a few different ideas came up with this jungle themed framed name.

The jungle theme is what Ash has decorated his nursery with so was the obvious choice for this project.
This is just smaller than A3 size, I painted the name in the middle and then used some cute jungle animal stamps I had to decorate the rest.

I think it will be a great gift for any future little grandbabies that come along.

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