Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September Jot Mood Board Challenge

Every month the girls at Jot Magazine put out a mood board that is totally gorgeous and inspiring. I started doing these challenges awhile back now by scrapbooking but have only recently started to create cards instead. Its been a great way to build up my stash of cards.

This month the girls didn't disappoint with an inspiring blend of pinks, teal, green and browns. The minute I saw it I knew that  feathers were going to be my starting point, I had the perfect pattern paper.

I kept it pretty simple and 'me' using alot of paint splatter and just a few other bits and pieces letting the feathers be the stand out.

One of these is now ready to send of with a gift to a special lady and the other has gone into my card stash.
If you haven't checked out the mood boards then you need to they will have inspired to create.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Baby boy C2C crochet blanket

I was sorting out my cupboard of gifts the other day and realised that I hadn't shared this baby blanket, it's the last of my baby crochet for a little while. I have mentioned before how much I love the C2C pattern so it's no surprise thats what stitch I used for this blanket. I wasn't sure what size I wanted it to be so starting from the corner is great for working out size later.
I used Sean Sheep 8ply yarn, it is super soft and comes in various colours I love it for baby items.I also like the easy border and how I don't need to really block once done, it sits quite flat on its own.

Currently im working on lot's of different projects for the charity group I belong to, so will be back to share those soon.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sewing for Charity Australia - Setpember/October projects

The beginning of a new month brings new projects for Sewing for Charity Australia. Whilst the preemie items from the last project are currently being sorted and packed ready for delivery, all our lovely ladies are starting on our new items.
The group is supporting and donating to a few organisations for this next project, Sundale Rod Voller care Centre, Golden Carers, Cancer Council Australia and Gold Coast Community Christmas Lunch.
Our ladies have already been busy creating amazing items for these groups as you can see by the awesome twiddle mats in the picture below.

If you would like to help out in anyway, by helping to make things or just by donating items or products that can be used to create, we would be extremely appreciative. Just leave me a message or email me and I will help you out with details.
You can check out our amazing group and more details about our current project on our facebook page here.
Every little bit of help goes along way.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Little girls crochet poncho

Sometimes when making handmade gifts I get a little nervous that 1. They will be liked  and 2. That they are actually items that will be used. You might remember my post about making  a toddler poncho - read all about it here - I went through a little anxiety about whether or not a poncho was too old fashioned or not. My doubts were totally unfounded as apparently its their time again (maybe not for everyone), so I decided to attempt another one.

This time I was making for an older child so had to rework the design a little making sure that the neck opening would be big enough. I think (hopefully) I got it right!
This time I used a pretty pink/mauve integrated yarn in 8ply and used the same for the fringe rather than a plain and contrasting colour fringe. Still used the granny stitch on this one as the one before, thinking next time I might try for a different stitch or even mix it up a little.

Now I just have to send it out and hope one little princess loves it.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Football Season 2016

With another season done and dusted it occurred to me that I hadn't done a football post all year. I don't like to fill the blog with too much family stuff, just enough to keep the family interstate up to date.
This year started back in April with a preseason cup across all the leagues, it also saw my three guys spread across three different clubs.
John once again for his 5th year now was sports trainer at Springwood Pumas, looking after all their senior teams. He has after that many years got his routine perfected (mostly) and apart from a few new players here and there knows his team and who needs what treatment and management.
I'm a little bias possibly, but he does an amazing job working from 10am to 5pm most Saturdays for 6months plus two training nights. He would never admit it though.

My big boy (in more ways than one) started the year at Park Ridge playing a few games there before a few reasons saw him returning to play at Springwood. It was an up and down season for him, illness and injury saw him miss a couple of games. Those games he did play he played well (imho), his team the reserves along with the seniors made it to the Grand Final, which they both lost.  Sadly he didn't get chosen as one of the best 22 on the day so didn't get to play the grand final, but cheered them on from the sidelines rather passionately.

For a second year Dan played at Mt Gravatt having a busy time with work and not always being able to train so settled into the reserve side for the season. Sadly we never got to see more than a few of his games, but made it to the important ones. They made it to finals, and we did make it to watch them,  but got knocked out in the second round.

I spent the majority of games with a camera in hand, trying to get that perfect shot. I then spent many hours at home editing and uploading said photos for the guys to proudly share and make their profile pic's. That person that said many years ago that boys wouldn't be interested in photos should be eating their words about now. The guys are so into shots of themselves playing sport.

Whilst footy season is one we all enjoy as a family at the time, I can't say that I'm not glad its over for another year. Time to chill out, spend some weekends doing what we want to do and hanging out with friends and family for a change.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Op Shop Bargains

 I had an great week  for picking up bargains last week, my op shopping was the best its been for awhile. I am lucky enough to have quite a few op shops in my local area. I don't always get to visit them all regularly so when its been awhile since I visited I'm hopeful for some good finds.
I visited two local stores that I haven't been in for a few weeks and whilst the one thing I was looking for wasn't around I did find these awesome craft goodies.

Balls of cotton are always a great find, especially when its full balls, the craftulon was a great find as I'm currently making a heap of crochet scrubbies for our charity group. A bag of pretty trim and a roll of wrapping ribbon and a huge amount of  bakers twine completed my finds.

I think what I love so much abut op shopping is you never know what you will find and when you find great bargains it can be really uplifting. Weird ? Maybe but I'm ok with that  :D

Have you had any great op shop finds recently? Please share!

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Friday, September 09, 2016

Flashback Friday - Felt calendar

Recently I was cleaning up all my old photos and came across this felt calendar that I made back in 2010 for my niece. She was just about to start school and I made her this to help with the days and months and the weather was just a fun thing I added.
I hand sewed the whole thing so it was a little time consuming, but pretty simple to make. Using velcro on all the bits and pieces and stitching the days, months and numbers onto felt. She had alot of fun changing all the pieces each day to match what it was like outside.

This would be a great idea in a kindy or preschool, maybe on a larger scale. This one is slightly bigger than A3.

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