Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Baby shower gifts - Part 1

Im going to start this post of saying upfront that in future please remind me when I have a baby to crochet for that I need to start more than a month before the baby shower! Thank you.
I kept delaying starting to crochet for baby you know I had christmas to get ready for, birthday blanket to make etc etc. Bring on the start of February with only one baby blanket made and I have till the end of the month till its baby shower time.

Ok do I panic or just get stuck into it....heads down hooks at the ready and crochet like a machine. Im going to share evrything that I made for baby Chayse in a few posts as there was alot.
First up are soft washers, madein 8ply cotton. I made 8 of these so far and have told Ash I will get some more done for her when I have some time.

I grabbed some wipes, bath lotion and pilchers (plastic pants - so hard to find these days) and packaged them all up in a cute tub Ash can use for holding lotions and cremes later.

There will be a few parts to baby shower gifts over the next week or so, I will alternating my posts with others so you dont get sick of hearing all about the new baby!
Not everyone will  find it as exciting as me!!

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Monday, March 02, 2015

March Creative Goals

At the end of January I shared a post on how I wanted to do monthly goals this year instead of a whole years worth. You can read about it here.
Did I reach all my goals for February ? No I didn't, but I was happy with what I did manage to get done, the important things.

This was my list for February
* Finish granny rectangle blanket by 5th
* Complete order for crochet washers
* 3 scrapbook pages
* crochet baby blanket x 2
* art journal page
* crochet baby items for baby shower

The only things from this list that I didn't manage to get done were the 3 scrapbook pages and an art journal page. If you look at the rest of the list there was a mountain of crochet to get done so not to fussed about the things I didn't manage.

So onto March, as all the baby crochet is pretty much finished I will have a bit more time for other things this month.
* 2 bookmarks for gifts
 * cot blanket
* 2 birthday cards
* Jot mood board challenge
* Scrap the Boys challenge
* Mel's wash cloth challenge
* Decorative journal for Feb

Wish me luck!

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Getting through my creative to do list

February has been crazy busy with crochet tot he point where I thought I might need to stop altogether from sore wrists and shoulder. I manager to soldier through it though and cross a few things of my to do list.
Ive had a few requests for doilies and washers from clients, so gave the baby crochet a break and got these colourful washers and set of pink doilies done.

If anyone knows of somewhere locally (in SE Qld ) to source 8ply cotton in larger balls than 50g, please leave me a link. I know I can get them online from various sources but would really like to find somewhere local if I could.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Baby shower

Being first time grandparents is exciting, well for us it certainly is, we cant wait till this little bubba boy is finally here.
Last weekend was baby shower time, family and friends all got together with Ashleigh to help her celebrate her first child's impending arrival.

Despite the threat of a cyclone heading down the coast and enough rain to flood alot of areas family and friends filled Josh and Ashleigh's back patio.
We had a fun filled afternoon with lots of chatting, fun games and yummy food. Little baby Chayse (and mummy) was spoilt with an amazing array of beautiful and thoughtful gifts.

Only 6 weeks left till we get to meet our little grandson, it cant go fast enough!
Stay tuned for posts on the handmade crochet gifts that filled those blue spotted boxes above!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Crochet blanket birthday gift

I have this sort of tradition where I make a crochet blanket for my sons girlfriends for the first birthday they are part of our family.
Dan mentioned early in the new year that  Tiara's birthday was the 5th February...OMG really that gave me a month to make a DB blanket!!!

Now I could of just gone oh well, she can have her blanket for next birthday but always up for a challenge I picked out wool in her favourite colours and started hooking!
I started of using the pretty v stitch and quickly realised that  I was going  to have to change tact because of the time restraints and I also wasn't sure if I was going to be able to have enough wool.

A granny stripe seemed the quickest stitch to use but with the  issues I decided to go with a granny rectangle. That way at least I wasn't going to get to then end of my wool and have only half a blanket. As it turned out I was able to source more wool and the blanket ended up being a DB.

I was doing alright for time until we hit a couple of 35c+ days where I just couldn't do any crocheting at all. I did end up finishing it on time, with a day to spare so all was good and the birthday girl loved it!!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Out going Happy Mail

SE Qld has had alot of rain over the last few weeks and even more happening at the moment with cyclone Marcia hitting up north and headed down the coast.
Its time to bunker down indoors and get creative, I've been writing lots of letters over the last few weeks and would like to share with you some of the creative ways I've decorated the envelopes.

Recently I found a cute kids sticker book at a thrift shop and it has been fun turning those stickers into some pretty mail, also used some images from my pile of old kids books as well as having a go at some drawing and painting.

I have alot of fun decorating the envelopes, I know the ladies at the post office think its really cute. One lady said to me the other week it was so cute and much nicer to see coming over the counter than the boring window envelopes that contain bills. Hopefully the friends I'm sending to love it as much.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Custom built desk

What do you do when you are after a desk to suit your specific needs and you can't find what you like? Well in our case Jay designed his own.
Being a game and web developer he spends a lot of time on his PC and laptop, using his graphics t let he needed a desk where he could fit everything  without having to cram it all on top of each other.

This is where the collaboration started, Jay started with a design and then dad checked it out, a few alterations were made to the design and then with Jays help dad made the desk.
It wasn't a weekend job it took a few weeks to complete, lots of sanding and varnishing but the end result is an amazing desk that is exactly what Jay needed.

I was impressed it was awesome, think I might have to put in an order for one myself.

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