Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jot Mood Board Challenge - July

A Bright sunny mood board this month from the Jot Girls had me instantly reaching for all my yellow products. The day I sat down to scrap was dreary and rainy so this brought a little bit of sunshine to the day.
I chose a selfie that we took the day I met Kayla for the first time, she is so bright and bubbly it felt right.
My usual paint splatter and little bits and pieces of yellow that I found within my stash for a simple white space layout.

Head on over to the Jot Blog to check out the mood board as well as lots of inspiration from the team.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Crochet headband and shoe set

The baby crochet is almost at an end with no more babies due this year had to come and share with you this little baby girl set of maryjane style shoe and headband.
A cute little gift for a new baby especially in the warmer climates, who doesn't love a little baby girl in a cute headband.
The shoes are the basic beanie pattern but instead of continuing with the top I adjusted to just have a back with a tie and added a cute bow to the front. The headband I used a tiny elastic and a scalloped pattern with a large bow to finish it of.

Both are my own pattern and made with Sean Sheep Little Grins yarn in a 8ply. Yarn available from Big W in a few different colourways.

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Lis :)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Crochet Baby Chenille blanket set

Another baby gift finished and sent of to the new mumma and bubba. Word back from them is that it is beautiful and soft and great to snuggle under.
Its made from the Sean Sheep Baby Chenille and is very quick to hook up. A little hard to see stitches so went with a simple pattern, just a starting dc chain and then dc in between stitches until desired length. The beanie was the first I've done in the chenille and it did take some patience but got it hooked up in one night.

I have a few more baby girl crochet projects to share with you so keep checking back over the next few days.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Crochet - Hooded Scarf

What to call this little project baffled me at first I have seen them as scarfie's or scoodie's but decided that plain hooded scarf seemed to fit best. Basically its a bonnet style hat with a scarf attached to the bottom. The hat itself is a large fit and comes out to frame the face instead of being snug around the head. The you have the scarf already attached which is great for keeping the back of the head and neck warm.
It was also said to be by a mum that its much harder for a young one to pull it of as they often do. I wasn't able to find a pattern that I could work with so I went with  making my own design. It worked out alot simpler than I had envisioned.

Made with chunky yarn (12ply) this one done in stripes as it was the only yarn I had and was only using it for a trial. I am definitely going to make more of these in the future.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Crochet Summer Sandals

My go to gifts for baby showers and new babies for the last few years has been blankets, booties and beanies. So far all new bubba have been born in the cooler months or interstate so these items have been suitable. That is until now, a friends daughter is due to have her little girl in September, in Queensland she definitely wont need winter woollies at that time of year.
I was asked to make her something though, this took a little thought. What to make with yarn that would be suitable for warmer months? After much scrolling through Pinterest for some inspiration I decided on some cute little crochet sandals.

I have mentioned before that I struggle to read patterns, I figured that these shouldn't be too hard to figure out and I was right. I managed to wing my way through making them and love how they turned out. these were made with cotton instead of the normal wool or acrylic I tend to use which will be better for the warmer climate. I also decided to add a granny stitch style bonnet which wont be as hot as the traditional beanie.
The mumma to be loved them. Might have to try a few more of these.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Crochet Newborn Cardigan

After many many hours of crocheting up little bubba boy outfits and blankets in the last 12 months this year I got to work with some pretty girly colours. This newborn sleeveless cardigan has now been received so I can share with you all.
Isn't it just the prettiest colour and it was super soft and easy to work with. The yarn is Red Heart Gumdrop, a new yarn being sold in Big W this year - Redheart has a few different colourways you should check them out - It doesn't say what ply it is but I used 5mm hook and it feels like maybe a 10ply. Has anyone used it before?
I used a basic yoke pattern to fit a newborn then a v stitch for the bodice finished of with a scalloped edge and added a collar instead of just a border. I did add some buttons but realised I photographed it before adding them.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Corner 2 Corner Crochet blanket

I have been admiring these pretty blankets all over Pinterest and Google images for ages, thinking they were a complicated pattern I never really bothered to look at patterns. A few months back I joined a group on Facebook where a lady had done one and after reading the comments decided I needed to go and check it out further.
What is wrong with me, why didn't I go check it out when I first swooned over it? I was pleasantly surprised that while it looks like a complex pattern (to me) it is in reality one of the easiest patterns I've tried. The thing I love about it the most is the starting from the corner you don't have to worry about what size its going to be right at the start. Wondering if you have enough chains to make it the right size, just keep hooking until its right then finish the other side.
It would also be good for those times you have limited yarn and not sure what size it will make.
This is now my new favourite pattern to use for blankets.

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