Monday, April 27, 2015

Monogram washers

Every little bubba needs their very own monogram facecloths right?
A few weeks back whilst browsing around on pinterest I found some beautiful crochet blankets with  letters and names crocheted into them. This got me thinking and wondering if I could  recreate this into a smaller version on a washer.

I searched a bit for a pattern but didn't find one suitable or that I liked so I grabbed some paper and made up a little graph and set about making my own. I decided to knit the washer rather than  crochet as my skills with knitting are a little better.
I was pretty happy with how they turned out, I did find that using plain cotton worked better than a multi coloured one.

Now our little bubba has his very own washers, just need to make up a few more.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Introducing Chayse Sean Balm

The birth of my three sons were the most amazing experience I'm sure any mum would agree with me, its just such a special time.
When my oldest baby boy told me he and his fiancee were going to have a baby of their own, I'll be honest it was a huge shock. It took a little while for the 'surprise' to sink in but once it did the excitement and anticipation of a new baby in the family kicked in.

As you have seen if you a regular reader of my blog I got busy making some (ok alot) of sweet baby crochet all ready for my new grandson!

The little man took his time making an arrival being overdue 10 days but we are so pleased that 4.16am Tuesday 21st April he decided it was time.

Both Kerry (Ashleigh's mom) were in the waiting room, nervous, excited, anxious and emotional. That moment when Josh walked out to tell us Chayse had arrived I will never forget.

My biggest baby boy walked towards me with the most amazing smile and look of pride on his face it tugged at my heart strings. He showed us a picture on his phone (we weren't able to go see him yet) and he was just bursting with emotion.

I watched on as Josh gave his baby boy his first bottle and then dressed him for the first time, those heart strings tugged again. 

Our little man was a healthy 3.8kg and 53.5cm and the just adorable and looking alot like his daddy. Ash had a quick trip to surgery but was in good health as well and it wasn't long before they were all settled into the maternity ward together.

If you follow me on facebook or instagram then I prewarn you there will be an abundance of baby photos coming, I make no apologies  :)

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Cards for the Boys

Hands up who has trouble making cards for older teen boys and men, mines up!  I really struggle with making these cards masculine but not too childish and have in the past given up and just brought cards for my boys.
Not that I think they really look at the front of the card too much but it bugs me, so I was determined this year to make more male cards.
I did a little bit of Pinterest perusing (ok maybe a lot) getting some inspiration and then got out paints and got messy.
It a little splattering, some washi tape a few stars and other shapes and I had two cards that I was happy we're masculine enough.

How do you go making cards for older males? Feel free to share yours with me, would love to see.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Knitted Dishcloth - Week 4 - Loganberry

Popping in to share another knitted dishcloth. I love the texture in this one, and the pattern this time around was much simpler than previous ones.

Im getting quite a colelction of dishcloths now - or washers because some of them are just too pretty to use on dishes.

You can join in with the knitted dishcloth challenge or just find the pattern for this one on Mel from One Crafty Mummas blog Here.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first grandson who seems determine to make us all wait till he is ready, so hopefully I will have some news to share soon!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

He totally supports me

My husband that is, not only does he support and encourage my creative endeavours and make sure that I get photos of any little thing "to scrapbook" he sometimes comes home with little gifts that he thinks I can use.
He will come to me with something and ask "can you use this" before it gets thrown out or if he has seen it somewhere and thinks it might be useful it comes home.
A binding machine found at a store was brought as he remembered me struggling to work out how to bind a journal together a few months previous. A hole punch that can go through LOTS of pages was just another that he found and knew I would be able to use.

String, jute, paper, card, envelopes and lots of other items have ended up in my stash courtesy of a supportive hubby who gets his wife's obsession!
Do you have a partner who supports your creativeness?

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Crochet tag tutorial

You know how you are just sitting there crocheting away and all of a sudden you get this idea....or am I just weird like that. Actually its when I get alot of my creative ideas.
With all the crochet I have been doing lately it occurred to me that I could use it to make some tags.
So here is a little tutorial on how to make your own crochet gift tags.
(my first tutorial so please be kind)

Gather all the supplies you will need to get started
Scissors (or circle punch)
Card for cutting circles - I used a heavy weight paper in hindsight it might need to be  thicker next time
Mini hole punch or awl
Embroidery wool or thin ply yarn

Carefully punch holes all around the edge of your circle, you need to make sure that you don't get too close to the edge or when your crocheting you will tear it as I did a few times.
Grab the yarn you chose and carefully do a single crochet around in each hole, you will need to make sure that you don't pull the yarn too tight or it will tear your card.

Once you have done a single crochet around each hole then its time to make you pretty edge. chain 4 (this will depend on how close your holes are, you might need to chain more) skip a stitch and single crochet in next stitch. Repeat this all around the circle.
Next you will be working in the chain spaces, single crochet 4 or 5 into each chain space (again this will vary depending on your starting chain length). Do this all the way around the circle and then slip stitch into your first stitch.

There you have  a pretty crochet tag that you can use on gifts. I made  two different sized circles, you could make whatever size you wanted and whatever colour yarn you needed or had in your stash.
Now you are ready to start making those gifts look pretty!

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Monday, April 06, 2015

Catching up on some penpal letters


All of my penpal mail seems to arrive at the same time, which is great but means I have lots of letter writing to do all at once.
The girls really outdo themselves with such pretty and creative letters and envelopes, I love receiving them and I know my postie gets a kick out of it too haha.


I had been a bit slack at replying (sorry girls) so i spent a few days catching up! This is usually the point I freak a little thinking omg what am I going to write, nothing is happening in my life of interest. Once I get started though it just flows and I find plenty to write, apologies if sometimes it appears im just dribbling nothing.

Then the messy fun part starts, decorating and putting it all together! I love finding new ways to send my mail and to decorate envelopes.
I think the op shop lady believes im weird with how many old magazines i buy haha but they are great for cutting out images and words to use in my letters and envelopes.

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