Saturday, August 23, 2014

Finals fever hits Puma land

The home and away season finished last weekend with great results for  the Springwood Pumas club. For the first time in the history of the club all eligible teams have qualified for finals! What an awesome effort, well done to all players, coaches and others involved!

Our under 18's had a good season finishing 4th in the combined colts team finals, giving them the week of and a double chance! The boys head up to Redlands tomorrow afternoon for whats looking to be a wet, muddy game of footy. Good luck boys!
On a personal level Dan had an up and down season playing in all 3 senior teams over the season - 18's reserves and seniors - injury wise, well sometimes I think the boy should just give up lol he had 2 trips to hospital and a few minor injuries but has come into the important part of the season healthy, fit and eager to play good footy.

John was kept busy this year looking after all 3 of the senior teams and occasionally helping out the junior teams. Dan also sat and passed his SMA level 1 and helped John out when he could.

Our reserves finished the home and away season of with a wet, muddy game against Robina to finish as minor premiers!! They have the week of and get to take on Robina again next weekend in 2nd round of finals. Good luck to all!!

The seniors also despite their first loss of the in the last round finished minor premiers!! They too get the week of and will take on Burleigh next weekend. Good Luck guys!!

Like I said a great home and away season which we are hoping will see us celebrating in a few weeks with multiple premiership cups!!
If you would like to come support our teams then visit our facebook page for all game info!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

First trip to Sydney

 There is something quite magical about flying over a city at night. My first glimpse of Sydney was exactly that, a million lights shining.
I have had a stopover at Sydney airport before but never left the airport, so was a little excited to get our hire car and venture outside the concrete city which is Sydney airport. I will say that I dont think we would of considered driving around Sydney if it wasnt for the Navman, it was our lifeline.
We crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and I may just of got a little excited about it - im weird like that - and made our way north to Thornleigh to our hotel. It was quite late by the time we got there so we just booked in and went to bed.

The next morning we woke to a freezing cold day, quite the shock to the 24+ Brissy days we had been having. We had a few hours to fill in before we needed to get ready for the wedding so we went for a bit of a drive.
We started out trying to find Olympic Park (we had seen the sign for it the night before) turns out that Sydney has a million Olympic Parks most of which are just suburban parks. In the end we gave up and just drove back to the hotel, it was getting close to get ready time anyways.

We got to see a couple of more suburbs during the course of the wedding, afternoon tea and reception and pretty much fell into bed exhausted around 1am.
The next morning we were up and packed and ready to book out early, we werent flying home until later that evening but had plans to see some sights.

Our first stop was Sydney Opera house, we walked around and got a million photos of the opera house and the Harbour Bridge, it was a really overcast day so hard to get decent photos.
We then took a walk up through the Botanical gardens, so many really cool trees and plants as well as Government house. I didnt think it would be all that interesting but was pleasantly surprised.

Pretty soon it was time to head to the airport, I didnt see all that  I had wanted to but at least this time I got to see more than just the airport. Whilst I dont think I could ever live in Sydney, Id really love to go back again and see more.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Crochet bookmarks

Do you love to read? I do and have a pile of books waiting for me to get around to reading. If your like me you are always searching for something to use as a bookmark. I have had plenty of paper or card bookmarks over the years but they always end up tattered and torn.

I'm a big hater of turning the corner of the page over to mark where your up to, I hate creases in the pages haha yes a tad OCD.

I got to thinking that I can crochet scarves and blankets surely a bookmark will be easy, right? Absolutely, I started with a plain v stitch pattern and then a rectangle granny and was hooked. I decided to try out a fan stitch and was happy with how that turned out too!

 A huge pile started to gather many more than I could ever what do you do with a huge pile of crochet bookmarks?
Give them away of course, perfect for the reader or teacher as a small extra and great for christmas stockings.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Matt & Beck's special day

Everyone loves a wedding, such a special day. John and I were honored to be asked to be a part of Matt and Beck's special day.
We almost didn't make it,  so glad we did. It ment lot to both of us with Matt not only being John's nephew but our godson too.

Apart from Sydney being freezing it was a beautiful day, the ceremony was filled with lots of tears (happy ones) and not just from the beautiful bride. It was hrd not to remember back to when Matt was a little 3 yr old getting into mischief with Josh.

Whilst Matt and Beck went of to have all their photos taken afternoon tea was hosted by Beck's parents back at their place.
The reception was amazing, venue was stunning and the food was Yum! I think Beck's dad gave the BEST "father of the bride" speech I've ever heard.

Listening to Matt's speech and watching his mum with tears in her eyes was such a lovely moment and had me thinking, I have to do this 3 times.

It was an amazing night and we are so thankful that we were able to shre in such a special day.

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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Shopping for that Special occaision

 Last month we had a wedding to attend in Sydney, I had my dress and shoes all sorted and was checking out my handbags to see which I would take and the found the one I had that was suitable was way too small.
So like a woman on a mission I went of to all my local stores searching for something that would work.

Yes I could of gone of to the retail stores and found something perfect, but I love my thrift stores and after finding the bag pictured above I knew I had made the right decision. The photo doesn't really show it all that well but it as such pretty pleating all the way down the front flap.

My next dilemma (the week before we flew down) was that the coat I pulled out of the spare wardrobe didn't fit 'insert sad face here'
There was no way I could do a wedding in Sydney in July without a coat, finances certainly didn't fit with going retail either, so back to the thrift stores I went desperately this time praying I would find something not only warm but dressy enough for a wedding.
You guessed it! I did! This one was super warm and looked great with my dress and the bonus (and why I love thrift stores) was only $10!

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Monday, August 04, 2014

Crochet washers

Need ideas for a small gift or something small to add to a christmas stocking ? A crochet washer is perfect!
They can be made in any colour or size and are super soft so great for sensitive skins, just add a pretty soap or bath salts and its a great gift!

My little pile of handmade washers ready for gifts is growing with the addition of these. I really do love crocheting these up, they are quick and the 'v stitch' pattern is super easy but still looks good.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Family update - Daniel

After many long months of pavement pounding and interviews and been mucked about Dan finally decided to switch over from Mechanics to Carpentry.  With alot of help from his new field officer at All Trades he got himself an Apprentice Carpenters position!!

 Every good tradie needs a ute right? Well after realising that his toolbox didnt really fit into his car very well he decided that a ute was what he needed. Lots of searching websites and car yards and he found this one, its not perfect but dad says its good.
The boys are growing up way too fast!

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