Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ashleigh's 21st

This month was a huge month for birthdays for us, no sooner had we got over Josh's 21st and a week later we were looking forward to celebrating Ashleigh's (Josh's girlfriend) big day!
A great night was held at a local tavern with all her family and friends, lots of yummy food and there may just have been some really daggy dancing haha

Thank you Ash for a fabulous night, we had a great time and wish you a very happy birthday xx

Lis :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scrap Stash Swap

Yes I scrapped! New product will certainly get the creativeness flowing so the pages just happen. Now new product doesn't always have to be something your brought from a store does it ?

I'm a sucker for new supplies just like the next person, and new can be as I mentioned above from all those amazing scrap stores out there OR maybe it can be something someone gave to you that's not necessarily a NEW product but something new to you ?

A few weeks ago Mardi asked if anyone was interested in a scrap stash swap!!!  Yes me! Definitely. I gathered together a pile of supplies that I had here that I knew Id never use and I thought Mardi would like. They weren't new, they weren't all in packaging but they were in good condition and I packed them up and sent them off.

I didn't have to wait long before I got a parcel in the mail, OMG it was chocked full of awesome stuff!! Lots of products that I hadn't seen before, some I had but had never brought myself, it certainly motivated me to want to scrap again!! I really should of taken a photo of it all.

A huge big thank you to Mardi for organising the swap and for the amazing pack of goodies she sent me!
You can see by the photos I got ALOT of pages done with what she sent, I did a couple of cards as well and still have bits and pieces left over.

You can read all about what Mardi said on the swap here.

Anyone else want to do a swap ? This one was heaps of fun!!

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Lis :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

My baby boy turns 21

Its true what they say, you always remember every single little detail of special moments in your life! 21 years ago I became a mum for the very first time, I was excited waiting for the arrival of my little bubba! Not every thing went to plan but eventually we got to meet our gorgeous little boy (and yes he was little way back then hahaha).

 We have watched him grow over the years and grow he did very quickly becomming alot bigger than most little boys his age, that didnt change over the years and it wasnt long before he was bigger than his mum AND dad!!

 We watched as you threw yourself head first into everything, you wanted to try it all. You were a determined young man who wanted to succeed at everything you tried, you wanted to learn a little bit of everything.

We are so very proud of the young man that you have grown up to be, handsome, confidant and a drive to do well for yourself. We hope that you continue to grow and learn and achieve everything you want out of life!

 Josh didnt want a huge party, just a quiet (hahaha, 18 people just cant do quiet very well) dinner with family and friends. We are thankful to everyone that came along to celebrate with us,for those that drove up to Brisbane, for his Godmother for flying up from Melbourne and all the family and friends from locally that made the night memorable!

 Happy 21st Josh xx

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Lis :)

Monday, April 07, 2014

Photo A Day - March 2014

A little look into March through the camera, my March photo a day shots. Another month completed, im doing well!

If you would like to know more about each of the photos then follow me on Instagram, my username is lisssib.

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Lis :)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Footy is Back!

Its that time of year again, footy season! Didnt we just finish last season like last month? It certainly seems like we havent had that much of a break. I should be thankful that I dont have to drive to and sit at trainings anymore, thankful for a hubby who is needed and a son who drives!!!

Three of my men folk are involved with the Pumas again this year. John is once again the sports trainer and looking after the teams on his own this year - think that might have to change, Dan is playing in the senior group more this year hoping to improve his game. Jay is helping out around the club with boundary umpiring and water carrier. Me, well once again this year im taking photos! (for any players or supporters reading this they are uploaded to facebook usually by Wednesday following the game - where life allows).

This year the whole structure has changed and there have been alot of changes (which I think are still ongoing), we have had a few practice games so far and the seniors and reserves kicked of their 1st round with wins from both sides! Well done teams!!
The 18's are hopefully kicking of their season this week or next, goodluck to them too!

At times during the footy season im sure you will hear me winge/complain about being at the footy all day, about how id rather be at home or doing something else. Honestly I really do enjoy it, love watching my boys play sport and the social aspect is good too! Catching up with the girls and having coffee/wine and chats is always a good thing!

Heres hoping for a fantastic season for all Puma teams!!

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Lis :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Its been a dreary, rainy day here today, we really need the rain so its a good thing, but not great when you are out and about in and out of the car all day. I managed to stay pretty dry and cheer myself up with some cute thrift store pretties!

This little birdy was very cute, tiny and likes his new home on my dresser!

Im always on the lookout for globes and have not had much luck finding many, I think this is possibly a modern one not vintage but hey a globe all the same and it is now part of my collection.

This sweet little (its only about 5-6 cm) vintage telephone was sitting on a display in the window of my local Salvos. The lovely store manager Karen went to all the trouble of getting it down for me and only charge me $2 Bargain!!

Hope you are staying dry and have a great night.

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Lis :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Handmade gifts - crochet coasters

Doing well with my pledge to give handmade gifts this year, another art of coasters, or maybe doileys they are quite pretty.

This set has already arrived at its new home safely, the birthday lady was happily surprised!
Pattern can be found here.

I really love crocheting with cotton, it crochets up a lot nicer than acrylic.  I picked up a few more balls at spotlight the other day so stay tuned for some more pretties.

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Lis :)