Monday, September 22, 2014

Thrifty vintage finds

 How cute are these vintage hankies a lovely thrifty find a few weeks ago. Now you can clean them up ( I usually soak them in napisan) and use them as hankies as I have done in the past or like I normally do use them for make gifts look all pretty.

 These Australian hankies caught my eye as I have a penpal in the USA who I thought would like them. I think they would look cute framed and hung on the wall or even sewn up into a cushion.

My favourite find a few weeks ago! I have a niece who is just mad about anything Paris and have promised to send these down to her. They were only 50c each, bargain of the year!

Do you op shop for your kids? For the males in your household? I have a blog post comming up about the treasures you can find for the teen boy or man in you life.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lazy Sunday card making

This weekend was my first free of sport, no more football meant I had the whole weekend to do whatever I wanted!
Saturday I spent the whole day washing and cleaning ( yeah I know Why? lol) and getting everything that normally has to wait till Monday done.
That meant that Sunday other than the dishes and beds I was free to sit at my desk and play!

Whilst the boys worked on a mates car I got busy creating cards, my stock pile is getting a little low. I pulled out paints and paper and my washi tape and had the best day! As you can see from the photos I got quite a few made, I also got all my October and November birthday cards all written in and ready to send out!

I did have plans to get a few blog post drafts done ready for next week, but was having a ball creating that I just went with it while the mojo kept flowing!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

A dream 12 years in the making

If you read  my blog regularly then you would of seen my post here about our club teams making it to finals. Sadly our junior teams all went out in the first round, and our under 18's out in the 2nd round after playing a team they had never played before - but that's a whole other story.
Everyone was super excited and proud when both our seniors and reserves made it into the grand final! A huge effort on everyones part and as my title eludes, its been 12 years since the club had both teams in a grand final!

The day started early with John needing to be there just before all the players to set up and be ready to start strapping as soon as they started rolling in. I had the camera out nice and early grabbing shots of the players as they arrived, as well as any spectators bravely being there 2 hours before game time hah. There were alot of nerves and alot of excitement from pretty much everyone involved and soon enough the National Anthem was played and the game began.
I wont bore you with game details too much, I could never say it as good as Stephen Purdy did here. It was pretty intense though and LOUD there was a sea of blue and gold supporters, that loud that we didn't even here the siren go to end the game. All that mattered was the free kick to Dan Bridge  and his super goal that put us 5 points up and WINNERS!!!
The celebrations started, presentations  made and the trophy awarded to Luke, Ben and the boys!!

Not a soul left the ground, everyone was pumped and ready to cheer on our senior side to the same victory! The reserves eventually joined us bringing their very own special kind of loud to the sidelines. Whilst the senior game wasn't as close so not as tense it was just as exciting and that last quarter the boys just kept it going and when the final siren went the boys came away WINNERS by 49 points!!

The crowd went nuts, the ground was invaded and as I said to John later that night, Ive never seen so many grown men cry. Tears of happiness were everywhere! I think the cutest thing I heard was young master Jack who was very concerned that "Daddy is crying"
There were hugs and fist pumps to go with those tears and lots of screaming. I must thank Tish for pulling me out of the huddle after the team song, I was sure I was going to get crushed!
Presentations started and wise words uttered, Zaine was awarded best on ground and the boys couldn't of been prouder. Premiership medals were handed out then the premiership trophy was handed to  Tony and Mark and that's when the celebrations really began.
Celebrations continued back at the club later that night and im sure went well into the morning for most, then the next couple of days for the players celebrating Silly Sunday and Mad Monday.
All the photos have now been uploaded to the Springwood Pumas facebook page, so go have a look and relive the day or just have a sticky.

That now brings an end to the footy season for us, that means weekends are now ours to do as we please.
Thanks everyone for a super great year!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thrifty Finds - Adding to a Collection

I love owls! I already have quite a collection growing and I am always on the lookout for more cute little buddies to join the ones I already have.
Its rare to find them in thrift stores, lots of other people must love them as much as I do and not throw them away or they are snapped up very quickly.
I was lucky enough to find these two cuties on my thrift store travels last week and for only 50c each! Bargain! They HAD to come home with me.

Have had quite a bit of luck op shopping the last couple of weeks and will be back soon to share what else I've found.

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Monday, September 08, 2014

August 2014

Another month over, can someone tell the year to slow down just a little im not ready for it to be this close to the end yet!
Someone said the other day its only 16 weeks till christmas!! OMG!
So this is just a little look at August around our place. There were weekends full of footy, with 2 of our 3 senior teams making the grandfinal! Lots of creating both with hook and paper, fresh flowers some coffee dates and New jewellery!!Thrift shopping and fancy dress nights, penpals, new prescription sunnies and lots of warm sunny days finally!
Biggest news this month though was the engagement of my biggest boy to the lovely Ashleigh!
September is looking like being as busy as August was!

Have done a rearrange in my craft room over the weekend so will be bringing you a post filled with lots of photos on that this week...stay tuned!

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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Crochet with character

Apparently I missed the whole Despicable Me craze (maybe its because my kids are all grown) because when I was asked would I crochet a minion hat I was like who?what? haha
A little bit of googling and I was well informed with who minion was and agreed to give it a go, it looked simple enough.
I have crocheted lots of beanies before but never a character one, this was also my first earflap beanie. For the beanie itself I just went with my own pattern I always use, I searched how to make the ear flaps and the eye was pretty simple.
I thought it looked OK, the young girl who it was for loved it!
Maybe I might try some more character crochet.....

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Taking stock - 04

Making : lots of scrapbook and project life pages
Cooking : chicken and rice for dinner tonight
Drinking : water
Reading: catching up on my bloglovin feed
Wanting: some nice warm weather for the weekend - looks like I'm going to get it!
Looking: for birthday and Father's Day gifts
Playing: around with design and trying to make my home look nice
Deciding: how I want to rearrange my craft room
Wishing: it wasn't so hard to find a job
Enjoying: talking to my mum and dad on the phone last night
Waiting: to announce some special news
Liking: the fresh colours around for spring
Wondering: how my baby boy will go with QCS
Loving: that sickness has left our house
Pondering: about whether or not to get my hair all chopped of
Considering: going back to school
Watching: better homes and gardens
Hoping: we ca bring home 3premierships
Marvelling: at the talent of some friends
Needing: a girls night
Smelling: a freshly cleaned house
Wearing: no socks! It's getting warmer hah
Following: along with Instagram photos from those attending pro blogger event
Noticing: the new trends for spring
Knowing: that I need to get motivated to exercise
Thinking: about way too many things at once

Admiring: Ashleigh's engagement ring
Sorting: all my craft supplies
Buying: fresh flowers
Getting: ready to spend some crafting time with a friend every week
Bookmarking: penpal and mailart ideas
Disliking: the attitude of some people around me lately
Opening: windows and letting some warmth from sunny days inside
Giggling: when reading an old joke book I found
Feeling: homesick
Snacking: on fresh strawberries and grapes
Coveting: new bedding
Wishing: for a visit from mum and dad
Helping: whoever needs my help
Hearing: nothing...I'm home alone no kids music or bickering

Have a great weekend whatever your up to!
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Lis :)