Friday, October 07, 2016

Old School Letter writing

The art or writing a letter and putting a stamp on and putting in the post box seems to be making a little bit of a comeback. It might be easier and quicker to send an email or text and have a reply instantly or the same day, but there is a simple joy in doing it 'old school'.
I have been handwriting letters for years, penpals that have come and gone, new penpals and dear friends who love the old way as much as me.

I spent some time today writing a couple of letters using some pretty cards I was gifted and a freebie from Frankie magazine. Its not only the card or letter I like to be pretty I very rarely send of mail without the envelope being all pretty too.
I had so much fun with these ones, using the rubber on the end of a pencil and my watercolours to make colourful dots. So easy but looks awesome!

Do you still write letters old school or have you moved with ahead with technology and email ?

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