Monday, October 10, 2016

Crochet bookmarks

All those readers out there will know the importance of a bookmark, I hate the idea of dog earring pages and the damage it does to books. Total personal choice and if anyone does that to their own books then its all good. That's why bookmarks are a must for me, I've tried having paper ones and either lose them or they fall apart easily.

I started making crochet ones awhile ago and they have been the only ones that I don't seem to loose and they definitely last the distance. They also dry easily if you drop them in the bath whilst having that relaxing soak. There are so many cute and pretty patterns you can get access to or if your clever enough design your own.
I have been making a heap up for the charity group I belong to, they will be added to our reading pillow gifts.
Below you will see the three designs Ive chosen along with the links for patterns.
All are made with an 8ply acrylic yarn, just scraps that I had lying around, they don't use up hardly any yarn at all.

I have 100 to make and currently have about 30 so I'm going to be a busy for the next few weeks. 
Are you a reader, what do you use as a bookmark? If you have any cool ideas let me know in the comments below.

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