Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Crochet Shower Scrubbies

My creative to do list is long at the moment, but slowly I am crossing things off, one of those things is these shower scrubbies.
Ive made quite a few of these in the past, they are made from craftulon - a nylon very similar to soft tulle - they are reasonably soft but with a little texture that is perfect for exfoliating. They last alot longer than the $2 ones you can get from cheap shops. We have one in each bathroom and have been using them for over a year without any hint of falling apart.

They are really simple to make too, it's just three rows of 3 dc in each stitch to make it curl.
These scrubbies and some more that I have planned will be heading to Sewing for Charity Australia to make up Christmas gifts for our October/November projects.

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