Thursday, September 15, 2016

Football Season 2016

With another season done and dusted it occurred to me that I hadn't done a football post all year. I don't like to fill the blog with too much family stuff, just enough to keep the family interstate up to date.
This year started back in April with a preseason cup across all the leagues, it also saw my three guys spread across three different clubs.
John once again for his 5th year now was sports trainer at Springwood Pumas, looking after all their senior teams. He has after that many years got his routine perfected (mostly) and apart from a few new players here and there knows his team and who needs what treatment and management.
I'm a little bias possibly, but he does an amazing job working from 10am to 5pm most Saturdays for 6months plus two training nights. He would never admit it though.

My big boy (in more ways than one) started the year at Park Ridge playing a few games there before a few reasons saw him returning to play at Springwood. It was an up and down season for him, illness and injury saw him miss a couple of games. Those games he did play he played well (imho), his team the reserves along with the seniors made it to the Grand Final, which they both lost.  Sadly he didn't get chosen as one of the best 22 on the day so didn't get to play the grand final, but cheered them on from the sidelines rather passionately.

For a second year Dan played at Mt Gravatt having a busy time with work and not always being able to train so settled into the reserve side for the season. Sadly we never got to see more than a few of his games, but made it to the important ones. They made it to finals, and we did make it to watch them,  but got knocked out in the second round.

I spent the majority of games with a camera in hand, trying to get that perfect shot. I then spent many hours at home editing and uploading said photos for the guys to proudly share and make their profile pic's. That person that said many years ago that boys wouldn't be interested in photos should be eating their words about now. The guys are so into shots of themselves playing sport.

Whilst footy season is one we all enjoy as a family at the time, I can't say that I'm not glad its over for another year. Time to chill out, spend some weekends doing what we want to do and hanging out with friends and family for a change.

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