Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Op Shop Bargains

 I had an great week  for picking up bargains last week, my op shopping was the best its been for awhile. I am lucky enough to have quite a few op shops in my local area. I don't always get to visit them all regularly so when its been awhile since I visited I'm hopeful for some good finds.
I visited two local stores that I haven't been in for a few weeks and whilst the one thing I was looking for wasn't around I did find these awesome craft goodies.

Balls of cotton are always a great find, especially when its full balls, the craftulon was a great find as I'm currently making a heap of crochet scrubbies for our charity group. A bag of pretty trim and a roll of wrapping ribbon and a huge amount of  bakers twine completed my finds.

I think what I love so much abut op shopping is you never know what you will find and when you find great bargains it can be really uplifting. Weird ? Maybe but I'm ok with that  :D

Have you had any great op shop finds recently? Please share!

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Lis :)


  1. Where are the best op shops ?

    1. Hi Kathy, it really depends on where you live, and then what sort thing you are after. I have a few near me that are great for clothes then some that are better for crafty bits. If you wanted to email me if you are local to me then I can help out with addresses. :)