Monday, July 11, 2016

Crochet - Newborn cowgirl set

In the past all my baby projects have been blankets, beanies and booties with the odd cardigan or jumper. When a friends daughter announced she was pregnant I thought I would have a go at something a little different. Morgan is a big fan of cowboys so a little cowgirl outfit for her baby girl due in September was the obvious choice.
The booties were the easiest to do just using a basic pattern and adjusting the top, the skirt took me a few goes but finally with the help of a newborn doll I got the measurements right and love how it turned out. The hat was  the most difficult for my novice skills, there are alot of patterns for a cowboy hat but most of them I struggles to understand. After alot of unpulling and restarting and googling of real cowboy hats I managed to work it out and get it done.

Whilst the booties and skirt could be worn anytime the hat probably most suited to photo shoots or as the new mumma said when I gave them to her perfect for little bubba Brooklyn's first Halloween costume,.
I really enjoyed making this little set and has got me inspired to make more photo shoot outfits.

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