Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Corner 2 Corner Crochet blanket

I have been admiring these pretty blankets all over Pinterest and Google images for ages, thinking they were a complicated pattern I never really bothered to look at patterns. A few months back I joined a group on Facebook where a lady had done one and after reading the comments decided I needed to go and check it out further.
What is wrong with me, why didn't I go check it out when I first swooned over it? I was pleasantly surprised that while it looks like a complex pattern (to me) it is in reality one of the easiest patterns I've tried. The thing I love about it the most is the starting from the corner you don't have to worry about what size its going to be right at the start. Wondering if you have enough chains to make it the right size, just keep hooking until its right then finish the other side.
It would also be good for those times you have limited yarn and not sure what size it will make.
This is now my new favourite pattern to use for blankets.

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