Monday, July 04, 2016

Crochet for Charity

For all those who crochet or knit we all have this one little thing in common, there is always lots and lots of leftover scraps of yarn. Sometimes its enough to make something small with, maybe tiny flowers to add as embellishments or even make a scrap yarn blanket or cushion cover.
Ive done all the above in the past as well as used some in my weaving. I have donated scraps to kindys and friends who home base care - they love donations.
Cleaning out my baby yarn a few weeks back I realised just how much I had left over. I though about doing a multi colour baby blanket but soon realised that the plys were not all the same so that idea wouldn't work. It was after chatting  with a football mum that a new idea came to me.
This mum is a nurse in a NICU at a local hospital, and I figured there would be enough of the various yarns to make some preemie beanies. I did some quick research into sizing's for preemie babies heads and collected all the leftover yarn and some hooks and got busy.
It took me a few days but I was so happy with the 15 tiny little beanies that will keep precious little bubbas warm when they need it the most.

Most hospital NICU love receiving preemie beanies so I know these will be well received.
What do you do with all your leftover yarn ?

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