Monday, May 30, 2016

Taking stock - May 2016

Making : A few more crochet baby shower presents

Cooking : Spag Bol for diner, not very exciting but easy and fills them up.

Drinking : Coffee, much needed today

Reading: The Pact by Jodi Picoult

Wanting: A weekend away with hubby to just relax and do nothing

Looking: at a basket full of projects that need finishing

Playing: whatever is on the radio

Enjoying: A long chat with my mum
Wondering: How long before it all explodes like it has done before
Watching: Reality TV shows

Hoping: to reach all my deadlines

Needing: to re organise a few areas of my house

Following: my favourite blogs and instagram accts

Noticing: the changes outside as we transition into winter

Thinking: how I need to worry about me more

Admiring: The new yarn I brought

Sorting: my wardrobe, moving summer stuff to the back and the winter gear forward.

Getting: ready for a big birthday
Disliking:being made feel like I don't act the way I should

Opening: those dreaded window envelopes

Feeling: right now cold.... I need to put something warm on

Snacking: yummy vanilla slice made by the lovely Margaret

Helping: anyone who asks usually

Thanks for visiting
Lis :)

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