Monday, March 14, 2016

Handmade envelopes

The last lot of birthday cards I made I decided to go bigger instead of the standard blank cards you  can get at any craft store. Once I had made the cards however I realised I didn't have any envelopes the right size for them.
Being that they weren't really a standard size going out and buying envelopes wasn't really an option so I had a go at making some.

I pulled apart an old envelope I had been sent and made a template, it came together much easier than I thought it would. After finishing them off and addressing my envelopes it occurred to me that I had a whole heap of duplicate pattern papers that would make really pretty envelopes.
A fair bit of cutting sticking and a few mistakes and I had a big bunch of larger envelopes that are much prettier than the standard white store brought ones.

Going big might just be my new standard from now on.

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Lis :)

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