Thursday, March 17, 2016

Grandpa's Workshop

Handmade toys are fast becoming a thing of the past. I remember mine and my sisters childhood filled with toys made by our grandpa or dad. The dollhouse and cradle, that wooden truck and blocks.
That tradition didn't get forgotten when our own boys came along, with both their grandfathers and their dad spending the time to make them something to love and treasure.
My husband has always been a huge believer in handmade and the idea of Grandpas workshop and little kids hanging out waiting for their special toy to be made or fixed.

The rocking horse was his favourite and he made not just one for our boys but for a number of other little kids too. It was only natural that when he became a grandpa himself that he had to make one for his grandson. In the photo's above the first 3 are full size rocking horses and our oldest getting his first ride, the bottom right photo is of our grandson having his first ride on the rocking pony.
The rocking pony still has a few finishing touches to be added but his 2/3 the size and a much better size for a little one.

Grandpas workshop has also made a frame for a baby swing so it can be used anywhere, a one of a kind change table and helped out his son with a custom desk.
I don't think I could list all the things he has repaired over time, but lets just say that with 3 boisterous boys it was a long list.
The latest thing to come out of the workshop was this custom nativity stable he built from memory to resemble the one his parents had when he was little.

Did you want something special made for you or for a family member then leave me a msg here or send an email .
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