Wednesday, February 03, 2016

I am going to read more this year

Ever since I was a young Girl I have loved reading, I find it relaxing to sit down and get lost in the pages of a novel.
Over the last few years the amount of books I've read has been very few, whilst the amount of books I've accumulated that still sit unread is high.
I made the decision that this year will be the year that changes, I am going to make a determined fort to read more.
I pulled out all the books that I haven't read, I've done up a list in my planner as well as recording here to make it easier for me to keep track. Besides crossing things of a list is always a good feeling.
There are 13 books here and while I liked to say I will get them all read by the end of the year I think that might be a little unrealistic.
What I am aiming for is at least 7 books read, if I get more than that then it's a bonus! No doubt the pile of books will grow over the year too. I just can't seem to resist leaving a great book in a thrift store.

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