Friday, February 05, 2016

Home made decorations

What do you do when you need to decorate for an 18th and none of the shops close to you have 18th decorations.
I could of driven a further 15 mins to other stores, but it was hot and I was sick of being out shopping (oh yes I did just say that) so I went home dejected.
After a bit of moping because I could t do what I had wanted it occurred to me that I was a crafter and had a room full of craft supplies, so why not make my own.
I did have a scrunched up happy birthday banner, so I carefully with a tea towel over it did my best to get it smooth. I then printed out some happy 18th signs and cut into circles, I was going to laminate them but ran out of time.
It needed something else, so I went old school with a pile of coloured paper and my trusty stapler. With my older sons help (mainly his lungs) we add balloons and got it all strung up in the doorway for when Jay woke up the next morning.
It might not have been what I originally wanted but I love how it turned out and the birthday boy thought it was cool.

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