Friday, February 12, 2016

Thrifty finds

My jaunts through thrift stores was on hold over the Christmas new year period, way too busy over that time to be taking time out to browse.
Now that the new year has started and everything is getting back to normal Ive had a few trips to see what treasures I can find. Its normally a good time to find something special as people get rid of things to make way for the new gifts received over Christmas.

I picked up this cute little owl cross stitch for $1 Bargain!! it hadn't even been opened, cant wait to start this and add it to my owl collection.
I picked up another cute birthday one, not sure if i will just use the Aida cloth and cottons in this one or if I'll actually make the original.
Couldn't believe my luck when I found a copy of Kass Hall's Zentangle Untangled book!!! It looks brand new. I love Zentangle so this just had to come home with me.

Have you found any awesome thrift store treasures lately ?
If you are one of readers who lives locally and know of any great thrift stores, please share I'm always keen to explore new stores.

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