Monday, September 21, 2015

Using up left over yarn scraps

For anyone out there who knits or crochets you might just have an abundance of leftover yarn like I have piling up. I hate the idea of throwing things away so I always try to find ways to use the leftovers. In the past I have made granny square into blankets or flowers to add to hats or headband or even to use in my scrapbooking.

There is not always enough yarn leftover to make squares and flowers add up so quickly that you quickly have more than you need.
So what else do you do with all those scraps? Give it away to kinder's for crafting is one option, they are grateful for all donations.
Recently I started weaving, it's an old school crate that's had anew lease on life. I realised that all those scraps were perfect for my weaving. You don't need a lot of any one yarn and different textures and thicknesses only make your weaving more interesting.
So don't throw away anymore scraps give weaving a go it's fun!

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  1. Leave the very small scraps out for the birds to use in their nests? I tend to throw away the tiney stuff.

    1. Leaving for the birds is a great idea! I do throw away tiny bits but try to have as least amount of wastage as possible :)