Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Its been 15 years

Over the last few weeks I've been seeing alot of "where were you" or "what were you doing" years ago posts and stories. It got me thinking about our huge move to Brisbane from Tasmania, its been 15 years (and a few months) since we made the massive decision to move interstate. Way back then I didn't know about blogging or scrapbooking so that time in our life hasn't really been recorded.

Now anyone who has moved house will understand just how stressful and hard it is on everyone, imagine making that move over 1700km away wit 3 little kiddies under 8. Sounds like fun right ? Oh and its going to take you 3 days and your house wont be ready to move into when you get there. Looking back now I really don't know how we did it.

There are lots of things to remember about that time, how quick we had to  pack everything up and be ready to travel (6 weeks) the sadness on faces of family and friends when we told them we were leaving, that bit was the hardest. The amount of tears shed the day we boarded the boat in Devonport would probably fill a swimming pool.
Of course the boys thought it was a huge adventure, they got to go on a big boat which was super fun (except for mum who gets seasick) then spend a night with Aunt Sandra in Melbourne, then a plane trip where they were the only kiddies on board so got all the stewards attention. Then a 4 day visit on the Gold Coast with Aunt Jenni and cousin Matt.
Imagine 3 adults and 4 kids all piled into a little 2 bed unit, the kids thought it was super fun.... as nice as it was and as thankful as we were to Jen, it was so nice to finally be in our own home once again.

It didn't take long for us all to get used to our new home and town and now its hard to look back and think about how new it all once was when it feels like we have been here forever.
We love living in Brisbane, love all the new friends we have made and opportunities that have come our way but that doesn't stop me from missing home (yep I still call Tassie home) every single day. Family living so far away is one of the hardest parts and what I miss the most.
I often get asked would I ever move back... I've thought about this alot and my answer is no. I know this will get "but you did it to your parents" comments but the thought of leaving our boys their partners and of course our grandson behind and not being able to see them regularly would be to much pain to bear.
We made the decision once to move away from family, I don't think I could do it again.

Thanks for coming on this little trip down memory lane with me.

Lis :)

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