Monday, September 14, 2015

Projects im working on

Most of us who love craft spend a fair bit of time browsing through lovely images of projects others have done or patterns looking for inspiration or perhaps patterns. I'm certainly one of those, I'm also pretty bad at needing to start that amazing project even if I already have one or five projects on the go.

I cant seem to help myself when I get asked to make something or I see something I need to make, the previous project (unless it needs to be finished asap) gets put aside and the new project gets started. Sound familiar?

In my defence (at the moment) I am working on a large hexagon blanket so little in between projects are a nice change.
I'm trying to get myself into the spirit of gift making so I'm on top of Christmas gifts this year so starting with some little things now is a good start.

What are you working on at the moment, I would love to see photos. Please share with me below photos or links to your projects.

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