Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Novice Strongman Challenge

As parents we all have those times when our child achieves something that just has us bursting with love and feeling so proud of them. Fast forward to them becoming young adults and whilst those moments dont come around as often they still fill you with an amazing amount of pride.

Not so long ago I felt that pride when my eldest son Josh became a Dad, I blogged about my feelings back then. Well this weekend that feeling happened again.

It was a few months ago when Josh told us he was entering a Strongman competition, honestly I was a little shocked. Ive always thought those strongman guys were these huge over muscled guys pulling cars and aeroplanes.
How wrong was I!
Strength really  does come in all shapes and sizes and yes I can hear some of you who know Josh saying he is huge (6ft 6 and approx 100kg).
So anyway, last Sunday the competition took place at Woodeez Health and Fitness at Underwood and we headed out for the day to support and encourage him not really knowing what to expect. My boy was very nervous before the first challenge started, checking out all the other competitors and trying to weigh himself up against them.

There were 5 challenges all up and each challenge was given points for where you finished ie; 13 competitors so 13 for 1st, 12 for 2nd right down to 1 point for the last competitor.

The first challenge of the day was the car pull, a 4wd with a trailer and two huge dudes in the back. he was amazing, we had watched most of the others before him so knew what time he had to beat and apart from falling of the tyre right at the end he finished with the best time up till then and ended placing 2nd overall for this event.

There was a look of relief and excitement on his face after the first event, a little belief in himself that he could do this.
The second event was the 70kg log clean and press reps in 60secs, of all the events during the day this was the one he didn't do so well ate (well compared to the others, to us normal people he was amazing). he cam in 7th.

The next event was the 80kg ea hand farmers walk for 30m, the times they were finishing for this event were amazing, and we felt for the guy who tore all the skin from his palm. Josh competed and did the run in a really good time. We were getting excited for him by this stage and his brother timed all the other competitors on his phone so we knew how he was going. He finished with the quickest time placing 1st.

The next event was the dead lift, they each got 3 attempts at whatever weight they nominated. The organisers read out the placings so far before this event started and Josh was sitting in 2nd place!!! Remember those proud moments I talked about???
He did so well and had everyone cheering on "superman" and with a pb by 30kg finished with a 255kg lift to place 3rd in this event.

The last event for the day was the 250kg tyre flip for 20m, oh my that thing was huge! He finished 3rd in this event.
There was a short break while the organisers tallied up all the scores before the presentation began. We were sitting as they read out the scores nervously excited for him. When they read out all the names in order of placing and we were down to the last two it was tense, 2nd placed was named and it wasn't Josh omg he had won!!!

That super amazing feeling of love and being so proud just flooded this momma's heart!! Josh has always been competitive and had the need to do well. Doing so well and winning his first strongman competition is a huge accomplishment and we are so super proud of him.

Id like to thank the organisers for such an amazing day, it was very well run and everyone competitors included were so supportive and encouraging to all.

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