Friday, March 13, 2015

Boys do know how to sew

Being a creative person I have always tried to encourage my boys to be the same. Now boys tend not to be as willing to learn as girls are but just sometimes there are exceptions.
All 3 of them have at one point tried a little scrapbooking, it was a brief period but they had a go. Knitting or crochet wasn't a hobby they were interested in, although Jay did give it a go a few years back but lost interest pretty quick.

Recently Jay joined a LARP group - that's role playing for those that like me had no clue - and needed an outfit. He has the best imagination and had an idea of what he wanted but not being able to find something suitable that he could afford he decided to make his outfit.
He sourced all his own material, even went and brought cottons to match and with a couple of lessons on how to work the sewing machine and change cotton/bobbin he started.
No patterns just some online images and a bit of help from Ryan he made himself a tunic a cape and a hood for his Archer character!!

Needless to say I was super impressed and proud of him, he did such a great job one of his friends from the LARP group asked him to make them a cape!
My other two boys might not be into sewing or traditional "female" creativeness, but give them wood or metal and a workshop full of tools and they are more than happy to get busy creating.
Maybe I should get Jay onto making me some clothes ???

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