Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Baby shower gifts - Part 1

Im going to start this post of saying upfront that in future please remind me when I have a baby to crochet for that I need to start more than a month before the baby shower! Thank you.
I kept delaying starting to crochet for baby you know I had christmas to get ready for, birthday blanket to make etc etc. Bring on the start of February with only one baby blanket made and I have till the end of the month till its baby shower time.

Ok do I panic or just get stuck into it....heads down hooks at the ready and crochet like a machine. Im going to share evrything that I made for baby Chayse in a few posts as there was alot.
First up are soft washers, madein 8ply cotton. I made 8 of these so far and have told Ash I will get some more done for her when I have some time.

I grabbed some wipes, bath lotion and pilchers (plastic pants - so hard to find these days) and packaged them all up in a cute tub Ash can use for holding lotions and cremes later.

There will be a few parts to baby shower gifts over the next week or so, I will alternating my posts with others so you dont get sick of hearing all about the new baby!
Not everyone will  find it as exciting as me!!

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Lis :)


  1. Just lovely!! I would have loved to receive this at my baby shower - many, many years ago. :)