Monday, March 02, 2015

March Creative Goals

At the end of January I shared a post on how I wanted to do monthly goals this year instead of a whole years worth. You can read about it here.
Did I reach all my goals for February ? No I didn't, but I was happy with what I did manage to get done, the important things.

This was my list for February
* Finish granny rectangle blanket by 5th
* Complete order for crochet washers
* 3 scrapbook pages
* crochet baby blanket x 2
* art journal page
* crochet baby items for baby shower

The only things from this list that I didn't manage to get done were the 3 scrapbook pages and an art journal page. If you look at the rest of the list there was a mountain of crochet to get done so not to fussed about the things I didn't manage.

So onto March, as all the baby crochet is pretty much finished I will have a bit more time for other things this month.
* 2 bookmarks for gifts
 * cot blanket
* 2 birthday cards
* Jot mood board challenge
* Scrap the Boys challenge
* Mel's wash cloth challenge
* Decorative journal for Feb

Wish me luck!

Thanks for visiting
Lis :)


  1. Good luck with your list xx

    1. Thanks Mel :) I already have the first two washers knitted will be blogging about them soon.