Friday, March 06, 2015

Knitted dishcloth challenge

Your to do list is long and your craft basket is full so when you come across a knitting challenge, the only thing to do is jump in feet first right?
Melissa from one crafty mumma started a challenge at the beginning of last month to knit a washcloth a week. She had found some gorgeous patterns and shared them with us. You can get the links on her blog.

Knitting is something I haven't done since I learnt how to crochet so I had to brush up on terminology and stitches and even find some needles.
I started a little late with the challenge so sharing week 1 and 2 with you today. Week 1 is a beautiful leaf lace pattern which I struggled with a little to start, unpulling and starting over a couple of times before I changed my needles to a bigger size and worked the pattern out. I still have to block this one but happy with my first go at knitting in years!
You can find the details and patterns on Mel's blog Here.

Week 2 is the pretty Teardrop pattern which I found much easier to do than the first one, that may be because I haven't knitted in ages though.
You can't ind the details and pattern on Mel's Blog.

I must say I am enjoying knitting again after so many years of crochet even if it does take alot longer to complete.
Week 3 dishcloth pattern and details are already up on Mel's blog and i will be tackling that over the weekend hopefully.

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Lis :)


  1. Thank you so much for joining in with this, I'm really enjoying it so far. Your dishcloths look amazing in those bright colours!! xx

    1. Thanks Mel, its been heaps of fun knitting again!