Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Saying goodbye

13 years ago not long after we had moved to Queensland we met the McIntosh Family they were to become life long friends and eventually family.
You have to picture a mum with 3 sons meeting the most gorgeous little girl, she was 18mths old and just full of mischief. This little girl, Danica warmed my heart and soon became like the daughter I didn't have.

Danica, affectionately known as Nica or Squeek was always bubbly and tried to be heard over not just her brother but my 3 boys as well, she was sometimes successful.
Those boys adored her and looked out for her at all times, for my lot she became a sister and a big part of our family.
Jay and Nica were especially close, makes sense with them being the closest in age with only 1.5 years between them. Their bond grew over the years and still stays strong as ever today.

This mischievous little miss as much as she was gorgeous and had a smile that would make you melt she got up to her fair share of trouble over the years, but she always managed to talk or smile her way back into your good books!

Nica, Jim and Damien had always been like family to us, and years after meeting them this strengthened when Jim met my sister and they started dating, then they moved in together and had little bubba Jessica.

As all the kids grew and started sport and other activities outside of school the times we spent together weren't as often as they had been, but they didn't do anything to the bond and love we still shared. Catching up for birthdays and special holidays became times to treasure.

Watching this little girl grow into the young lady she is today has been an amazing journey, she makes me proud to see what she has achieved.
I am the lucky one having met Nica all those years ago and having been able to share so much with her.
Nica we will miss you so much now that you are living in Darwin, but will be sure to stay in contact via phone and social media.
We hope that this next step of your life journey is all that you want it to be.

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