Friday, December 19, 2014

Creative Christmas wrapping

 It's that time of year again when we have a ton of presents to wrap, tags to add and cards to write. I do try each year to wrap up my gifts creatively and mostly I succeed.
I do have to admit that its only some of the gifts that I take the time to be creative though. The boys and hubby's gifts which just get ripped apart Christmas morning, just get Christmas paper and sometimes curling ribbon.
This year I decided to us plain brown paper and pretty it up with some Christmas themed bits and bobs I already had. Some Christmas serviettes, fancy toilet paper - sssh its pretty no one will ever know  - and lots of ribbons, add some cute buttons and some Ikea tags and I was pretty happy with it all.

 Tags have to be the simplest yet most frustrating thing for me to make. I always struggle to work out what to do each year, so I went searching on Pinterest for some inspiration and created some simple but workable tags.


I mentioned in my previous post about Christmas cards how I wasn't going to make them this year  but caved and made a handful. Well after wrapping up some zentangle gifts i decided to try out some cards and see how they went. I ended up making a whole heap and didn't have to buy any cards at all.
So simple to make, a good black felt pen and some watercolours.

Do you get creative with your Christmas wrapping ? Please share links to what you have done or anything you are inspired by.

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