Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A trip down memory lane

Do the words Donkey Kong or Space Invaders bring back memories for you ? I remember back to my teenage years  when almost every place your went had some sort of arcade machine, either a standing one or a sit down one. There were many more games than the ones I mentioned above and they were everywhere!

My super talented boy, Jayden as part of his year 12 assignment made his very own arcade machine! I thought it was funny how with all the technology available today and the games you can play that the basic arcade machine interested him enough to want his own!

I watched over the weeks as  bit by bit and trip after trip to the local hardware his project start to come together. There was some nervous moments waiting for the courier to deliver the all important boards and cables for inside, but in  the end it all came together really well.

We are really proud of you Jay for your determination and effort to complete this project, well done mate! Look forward to reliving my childhood and playing some games!

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