Friday, May 09, 2014

Enough yarn to last a year

 Look at that huge big bag full to the overflowing with gorgeous yarns....a year, longer I reckon. It didn't fall of the back of a truck or come from a thrift store but pretty darn close!

A dear friend of mine is downsizing ready for a move to her (and her family) very own island paradise! I thought I was a hoarder lol but this beats me, there is seriously so much yarn I didn't have enough containers to store it all and had to resort to pulling out the sports bags!

 Will you just look at all the colours, some from all parts of the rainbow and the photos don't even really do it justice. It looked so pretty all over my lounge room floor whilst I sorted through it.

 Looking at it all I thought to myself, there is way too much I don't even know what or where I want to start using it haha. My youngest son solved this dilemma coming home as I was sorting it declaring I needed to make a scarf for his lovely girlfriend Bailey!

That project complete I randomly chose a colour and flicked through my bookmarked favourite patterns and have a new project on the go, will share soon.
Whilst all this gorgeousness didn't come free it is certainly the best bargain Ive snapped up in a few years. Thank you Angel for this awesome gift you certainly are an angel :)

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)

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