Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Scrapbooking with friends

Creating with a friend is much better than on your own right ? Since starting to scrapbook 12 years ago, I have pretty much scrapped on my own at home. There has been the a couple of times when I bundled all my stuff up and went to a store or a retreat and way back at the start I did have a friend that scrapped too.
Mostly though its just me and my stash of supplies sitting at my desk at home, urging myself to get motivated and inspires to create pages!

New years eve my friend Christine and I made a pact to spend more time together this year, not our partying or at the footy but just time for us, doing things we like to do. We both love to scrapook and create things and so far we have been true to our pact and have spent one day a week either at her place or at mine creating layouts or cards or whatever takes our fancy. There may have been a little bit of shopping involved too haha.

Now having one person to be creative with is awesome, but two ? Thats even better!  My sons girlfriend turned 21 earlier this month and got a heap of cash for her birthday and decided that she wanted to spend it on supplies to learn how to scrapbook! Squeal! (Yup I did too haha).
I went along on her shopping spree to advise and help her work out what she needed to buy.... We WONT discuss the small (ok it was large) bag of goodies that somehow managed to come home with me too lol especially after Christine and I decided no more shopping! In my defense I had just scraped 11 layouts prior to going shopping so that meant I needed more supplies right ?

So anyway, over the Easter break Ashleigh and I spent many an hour sitting in my craft studio playing around with supplies and putting together layouts! Im rather impressed with Ash's efforts, she has done an amazing job with her first few layouts (wish my early ones were as good) and for someone who always thought she wasnt creative....Guess what ? You are girl!

Its refreshing to have someone to scrap with and im finding it very motivating. I am scrapping more having the girls to scrap with than I have done in years, so thank you both for inspiring me!

Looking forward to more scrappy sessions with them both! Stay tuned for some layout shares soon.

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)

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