Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Always good for a Laugh

Since getting back  into scrapping I have found a  love for it all over again. I think I needed the break to explore a few other creative avenues to kick start my interest and love of telling a story again.
It wasnt easy getting back into it again, I went through the whole I cant do it anymore, Im not good enough, Ive forgotten everything I knew.....you get the drift.
Starting with some challenges and a few sketches helped immensley and after a few layouts it all started comming back and the motivation to do more kicked in.

Feeling confident I had a handle on what I was doing I decided to have a go at submitting a layout for the Jot Magazine!!
Hello Handsome | It’s all about the boys in our lives – young and old and in between. I am after masculine, fun boyish layouts.
That was the challenge theme that I submitted for...this layout sums up my boys pretty much all the time!

I have spent most of the Easter weekend scrapbooking and have alot of layouts to share so stay tuned for lots more scrappy goodness!

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)