Saturday, April 19, 2014

Masquerade cake topper

 Another party! April seems to be the month for them, although this wasnt one that I was invited to, it was a lady I know little girls 10th birthday.
She asked us (Christine and myself) to make a topper for a cake with a masquerade theme, she had a photo of something similar that she liked that was from a 21st so we used that as inspiration and set to work,.

Took us a bit of time to find what we needed then it was pretty easy to put together, the longest and most fiddly was getting everything glittered and stuck on the thin wires.
I think it turned out pretty well, Chris and I were certainly impressed with our first cake decoration! The lady liked it too and apparently the little girl loved it so all good!

Show above is it all together on top of the cake - the girls mum made the cake and then added our topper.  Lucky little girl and guests!!

Would I make more cake toppers ? Maybe, I certainly wouldnt be putting it out there that I do them lol they are not the easiest thing ive ever made. Was fun though to try something different!

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