Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Organising - Tapestry and Cross stitch cottons

 A few weeks ago on one of my thrift store visits I came across a bag full of embroidery and tapestry threads! Well they couldn't stay in the store now could they, not at $2 for the bag, there was about 50 in the bag! Bonus buy!
That bag sat on a shelf in my craft room for weeks, each day saying 'have to sort those cottons' in my defence the first week I didn't have any cards to wind onto, until a trip to Lincraft saw me stocked with plenty.
Cards in hand and cottons ready they still sat in the bag, I even moved them to the table next to my chair in the lounge in the hope that I would get started.....yep didn't happen
Finally sitting watching tv one night I decided it was time...grabbed my cards, a container, the cottons and thought this wont take long...hahaha famous last words right? To start with they were old...old enough that the little paper tags that go around them wouldn't slide off...I had to tear each one.
Over a week of sitting watching my favourite shows  little by little those cottons all got wound onto the plastic cards, there were alot more than I had originally thought when I purchase the bag. I grabbed a divided container (borrowed from hubby's workshop..sshhh) and starting sorting into colours and put in the slots.
They all look so pretty and colourful, ready waiting to be used! Have to find some projects to use them now...any ideas?

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