Thursday, February 27, 2014

Crochet - A new project

 Over the last few years I have completed quite a few crochet projects, most of them for family and friends and some for fundraising/charity. I redid a scarf at the beginning of last winter which was the only project out of them all that was actually for me.
A dear friend gifted me with some beautiful Semilla pure wool and my very first Amure hook! They came with a stipulation, that I make something for ME!

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 What to make ? This was the question that I still havent solved yet. I have enough scarves and I dont wear beanies or gloves (living in Brisbane they are'nt needed) and as it wasnt cotton, washers or coasters were out. After some deliberation and chatting with friends I decided on  a table runner or centrepiece for my kitchen table.

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Im still not totally sure yet but have narrowed it down to a few that I like, or maybe Ravellery or Pinterest browsing will find me something different, who knows!

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What do you think ? Which is your favourite, or would you choose something entirely different? All advice and suggestion appreciated.
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  1. Grr, I left a message on this when you first posted it, but it hasn't shown up :( I'm a bit late, but the bottom one is my favourite - I'm biased though because I've made it before!! LOL

    1. Never too late for kind comments Mel :) I have sort of gone with the bottom one but changed it up a little going to blog about it soon!