Friday, February 14, 2014

Handmade gifts - Baby blankets

Today I got to meet the gorgeous miss Faith Alexii!! She is just the tiniest little thing, I was smitten.
When I found out that Angel and Adam were expecting another little bubba and that it would be a pink one, I got to work crocheting up some baby goodies

Now mum Angel is a very talented crocheter, but doesn't do blankets so it was a given that blankets would be made. Let's face it woolen clothes in Brisbane are not really needed, especially in February. The wool was a gift from the mum a herself (she could open a yarn store), the designs are mine.
I must admit bubba blankets were a lot less time consuming to do than the larger ones for the boys and prettier too. This was my first time adding anything to a finished blanket, I started of simple with the first one and just made up flowers but got a little more adventurous with the second one and made up some cute motifs.
I was a little nervous handing them over today with mummy being the talent she is with a hook but Angel loved them!!
Do you love crochet bubba blankets. Need one made for your or as a gift, drop me an email.

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