Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Back to school

The start of  a new year means the start of a new school year as well. Shopping for  new uniforms, shoes, books, stationery, lunch boxes and backpacks fill the weeks prior to that start date.
That last week of January (1st week of  February) my Facebook feed, Instagram and blog feeds were full of back to school photos. Some starting at school for the very first time, some starting at new schools or starting high school.

This year we had a sort of first day too, it was our last ever first day of school! My youngest son, Jayden headed of for his first day of year 12, his last year of school!
The year will be filled with lots of lasts, swimming carnival, athletics carnival, cross country, classes, exams, assembly, then he will have his formal and graduation.

I am filled with mixed emotions , to be the mum of children who have all finished school is a pretty surreal feeling. It's something you just dream about when you are sending your 5 yr olds of to school for the first time.
I think that come graduation time in November I might be a lot more emotional than I was with the two older boys.
Hoping for a great year for him and that he achieves everything he set out to!

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