Monday, January 20, 2014

Meet Sammy

Sammy is the newest addition to the family, he belongs to Josh and Ashleigh, a beautiful fluffy bundle of pure bred Labrador. They have he him for a few weeks now, he was 8 weeks in these photos.
When the boys were little they had Max, pure bred border collie who followed them everywhere, especially Josh. When we moved to Brisbane we weren't able to take him with us. It was heartbreaking. The boys have wanted another dog ever since,but circumstances haven't allowed that to happen.
  Sammy is a huge ball of energy at the moment, running around checking out everything when he comes to visit, then collapses Ina heap and sleeps for hours
Both Josh and Ash have done a great job with his training so far and he certainly knows who mum and dad  are! The other boys adore him too and have offered babysitting services lol.
Will be interesting to see how the training goes as he gets older.
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