Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thrifty Finds

During the christmas new year period I didn't get much if a chance to visit my local thrift stores. Way too busy trying to get everything all sorted for the big day then family in days of and the heat we've we had made me not even think of leaving the house!
I ventured out last week, visiting two of my favourite stores and found the cutest bargains, this cotton tote bag is not very big but how adoreable is the print!! Bambi is the cutest! And the tiny porcelain Bambi had to come home with me to, well they match right ? 😉
I don't often find much I the Manchester areas but this day I scored well. The stitching on this placemat(?) is so sweet and I love the dangly edging. I'm using it to cover one of my side tables.
You can never have too many doileys right? That's what I'm telling myself anyway hahafound both these and the small one looks like it might be quite old, they are both very dainty.
What is your favourite thing found in a thrift store or garage sale? I'm. I'm not sure I could pick just one, but my rocking chir would have to come close!

Thanks for stooping by
Lis :)


  1. Prettiness at it's best! Yeah! Love all! :)

    1. Thanks Sandi, yes they are so pretty.