Saturday, January 18, 2014

Handmade gifts - Dishcloths and doileys

Washing up is a chore that we all dislike doing, but something that has to be done (well if we want to eat it does haha). Some of us are lucky enough to have dishwashers or in my case children who do them for you. The dishcloth is usually something we use a few times and then throw away, why not have something to use that puts a little bit of pretty into a dreaded chore!
Last year Mel of One Crafty Mumma held a couple of dishcloth swaps (sadly I didnt have the time to participate) and I followed along with her blog posts and all the instagram photos of the beautiful dishcloths being made. There are so many gorgeous designs out there and with the colours available in cotton now you can make lots of pretty ones.
Following along with my aim to make alot more handmade gifts in 2014 - read about it Here - I searched my stash to see what cotton I had on hand , found some patterns I liked, grabbed a hook and got busy. I decided to do some sets of dishcloths and coasters.
I made up a couple of different colour sets, the first one im sharing today is yellow and white, basketweave dischcloth and a round granny (could be used as a doiley) and  a set of 6 hexagon granny coasters. The patterns were quite easy to follow and they crocheted up quite quickly, was a big change to the DB blanket which was my last project.
So far i have done a couple of other sets, a green one and some pink ones, will share those with you soon. I now need to make a trip to Spotlight for some more cotton. Anyone southside of Brisbane know of any yarn stores other than Lincraft (there selection isnt great) that sell cotton yarn ?

The links to the patterns I used are below, you can find a few more on my Pinterest board or by just searching on Pinterest or join up to Ravellery (its free) there are lots and lots availavle there.

Basketweave dishcloth
Round dishcloth
Hexagon Coaster

If you crochet or knit your own dishcloths, coasters or doileys or make them as gifts I would love for you to share some patterns with me, leave me some links in the comments.

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