Friday, January 10, 2014


The cute white ball of fluff that is Dan's pet Guinea Pig. I must make an announcement here before I go on, I DO NOT like (read am terrified of) rats or mice or any type of Rodents. Guinea pigs are a type of rodent, I knew this, Dan did not when he decided to bring George home without asking!

Being the great mum that I am haha I did not make him take George back to the pet shop, he was allowed to keep him with conditions.
He must at all times be either supervised or in his cage.
He must never be inside my house.
He must never be anywhere near me.
Tough ? Maybe but believe me my terror at rodents is huge! I will admit that he has grown on me though and whilst I still will NOT touch him or have him anywhere I am roaming free, I do admit he is pretty darn cute. I also feed him - that is chop up veggie and fruit scraps and give to someone else to give to him haha.
Everyone else thinks he is adoreable even hubby who spent a whole weekend building him a super duper cage complete with cubby hole and ramp!

What do you think am I too hard on him? Do you like guinea pigs ?

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