Monday, January 13, 2014

An organised 2014

Organisation isn't my strong point, I'm sure that I'm not alone here. I have diary's and planners and lists all over the place, if it's not written down then I usually don't remember it. There were patches during 2013 where I was super organised and had everything under control, sadly these patches were few and far between.
My one little word I chose for 2014 is "happen" I want and need to make things happen when they need to happen instead of most of the time being days or weeks behind. It took me awhile to work out how I was going to stay on top of things both with John and the boys as well as around the house and creatively.
We have a calender in the wall in the kitchen with columns for each person which works well. The boys are good at writing their work and activities onto it. I also have a diary on my desk that has everything written down in a little more detail. So that is the family side of the things set.
With a fair bit of browsing the net for ideas I then set about making a planner for everything else. Searching my stash i found an A5 binder which I made look pretty, then worked out what sections I wanted and made up some dividers.
Two of the easier sections were my reading list - I have to keep track of books I buy that I haven't read yet - and my wish list. I also added a section for events, like Australia Day, Easter, Christmas. A place to jot down ideas and things to plan for those holidays.
Next up was a section for major areas that need cleaning out or sorting, big jobs that require a bit of time. This is where I put the challenges like January jump start and September sort it that I took part in last year. I did mention before that I had lists for everything haha.
Future projects has a little section all of its own too, a list of all those creative (or not) things that I find on Pinterest or around the net that I think hmm might try that one day. I may or may not get around to doing them, but if i don't write it down then its gone. I know that I can (and do) pin things to pinterest but I'm a huge fan of paper copies too.
Blog planning is something I have always struggled with, what is the best way to keep check on what I want to blog about. I finally decided on a calender, I used pages from a current diary. Two pages for each month and lots of post it notes till its definite what post goes  on what day. Its working for now!
Still with me? I'm almost done haha the second last section I have is for current stuff I'm working on. This months scrap/art challenges any cards or gifts that I need to make this month all go on a list and get crossed of as they are done.
Lucky last and I hope the section that will keep me on my toes as far as handmade and gift giving goes for this year. I kept it simple with 3 columns, one for who the gift is for, one for what I'm making and the 3rd for when I need to make it by. Fingers crossed things method works!
I can hear you saying wow that's alot of lists to look at, my boys have said it to me haha but I love my lists and have the binder sitting opened on my desk. Last thing at night while I'm waiting for my son to get home I write up my to do list for the next day (yep another list lol) make and changes to my diary (boys work shifts etc) and I flick through the binder just to keep everything in my head.
I also have a quick look through a couple of the sections of a morning when I sit with my coffee and check emails. We are only nearing the end of January but so far it seems to work for me, so hopefully it will continue to.
I would love to hear how you keep organised, please share with me in the comments below!

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Lis :)

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