Saturday, January 04, 2014

As the sun sets

Ending the day with a colour explosion in the sky is just so pretty, from yellows, oranges and reds to pinks and purples, it makes for a beauitful sight!
Hubby has always had a love for the sky and taking photos of not just sunsets but the moon and lightning as well, it seems that this fascination is continuing with my youngest son Jayden. He can often be heard saying "mum quick get the camera" or "wheres dad's camera" or even just trying to capture the view on his phone.
Sorting through photos the other week I found a whole heap of sunsets taken throughout this year and wanted to come share some of the beauty with you.
Not all the photos are fantastic or even perfectly focussed but in my humble opinion each one is quite mesmerising. A few years ago I had some sunset photos printed and framed, I might have to look at getting some more done.

Maybe a sunset coffee table book would be a cool idea, what do you think ? Might make a cool gift too.

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Lis :)

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