Friday, January 03, 2014

The many faces of Angel

Let's remember back to when we were little and our parents would take us to the school fair, the weekend markets or even the local show, seated at a table would be a pretty lady dressed as a fairy armed with all sorts of pretty coloured paints. We would all badger mum or dad until they give in nd let us get our face painted! Fairies, animals or superheroes we would proudly walk round with our painted faces until bed time when much to our dismy it would all have to be washed of.
I can't be the only one who has memories like this.
A dear friend of mine has started up a face painting business, this lady is very talented, even though she would never admit it!  Her talents with a pint brush grow with every face she transforms, and with a tribe of kiddies or her own and many more visiting she has lots nd list of practice.
I think you will agree looking at the photos that your little one would love to have their face turned into a beutiful fairy  of favourite super hero by Angel ( yes that's her real name!). But why stop at just the kids what about your own face too?
One of my favourite photos is her very beautiful heavily pregnant belly that she transformed into a gorgeous garden. Can you just imagine pregnancy photo shoots with beautifully painted bellys!!

Angel lives just north of the Gold Coast but will travel (within reason) she is available for school fetes birthday parties and more, all her costs are on her Facebook page along with lots more photos and more information.

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