Monday, December 02, 2013

Organising - Greeting Cards

For many years now I have made my own cards for all occaisions. Not only has it been cheaper Ive found that my friends and family love the fact that I have put time and thought into making one instead of just picking out a store brought one.
When we moved 2 years ago all my cards got put into a box and pretty much stayed that way. I finally got sick of sorting thru them each time I needed a card and decided it was time to organise them into some sort of sytem.

First thing I did was tip all those cards out onto my desk (realised then I need to made some more) and sorted into some categories.
Next I grabbed some card and cut to size and made tags for the top then prettied them up with some washi tape (love this stuff).

Next step was categories, this bit tokk a little time as i couldnt decide which ones i wanted. I finally went with the following;
Thank you
Just because
Male birthday
Female birthday
Girly general
Gift Cards
Special Occaisions
then made a couple more up for inserts and blank cards.
Next step was to sort out my cards I already had into the categories and put them in the container. Not entirely happy with the container they are in, but wasnt able to source anything I like at the time. That bit wont be hard to switch over when I find something prettier to put them in.

Do you make your own cards ? How do you organise and store them ? Would love to see.

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Lis :)

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