Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Crochet - for the boys


Throughout the year I have worked on a number of different  crochet projects. Some for presents some just because. When doing blankets, especially those larger than a baby blanket I tend to try and get done over the cooler months. 

The lighter green one below was using pure wool given to me, there were not enough balls to make anything larger than a baby blanket (or lap blanket) It was done just because I had the yarn and will go in my gift cupboard. Im sure a friend will have a baby boy in the future sometime!

The granny stripe blanket was for my son Daniel, I started it quite early in the year as he had asked for a Double bed for his birthday (August 31) and needed a bigger blanket. I finished it the day before his birthday! It was almost QS haha and I did do other projects in between doing the blanket im not normally that slow.

I must say though after spending most of the year working with boy colours that the few projects I got done in girly colours was a refreshing change! (more on that to come in a future blog post).

I have a couple of more crochet projects to share that I completed this year, one I will share soon the other has to wait till February as its a gift for a beautiful lady's baby due in Februay.

What crochet goodies did you make this year ? Do you have any planned for next year ?  Link me up to your favourites, im always on the lookout for inspiration!

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  2. Wow! These look fab! You're so talented!