Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Taking Stock 01

Its been a crazy couple of months around here, with footy season heading towards finals and prospective buyers for our rental place increasing. Having to constantly be having the house 'perfect' for visitors is waring thin with a house full of males who NEVER put things back in the same place twice lol
We have had some good news this week though, the owner has decided to take the house of the market until she sorts out the pool issues! So a reprieve for a little while,we still may be looking for somewhere else to live come November though. Fingers crossed!!
I was reading through Pip's blog the other week and saw this so I thought I'd play along, seemed kinda fitting for me right now.
Making : DB granny stripe blanket
Cooking : Dinner, Beef stroganof
Drinking : Coffee to get the day started then water.
Reading:  Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult
Wanting: A holiday somewhere warm.
Looking: at lots of home inspiration on pinterest
Playing: music, hate the quiet
Wasting: time online instead of doing other things.
Sewing: Nothing, I dont sew haha
Wishing: I could be alot more organised
Enjoying: Time spent with the family at the weekend.
Waiting: for the footy season to be over so can have our weekends to have family time.
Liking: that our rental home has been taken of the market and we dont have to move.
Wondering: If certain people will eventually see what I see and not be blinded.
Loving: Warmer days
Hoping: to get to visit family back home soon.
Marvelling: at the talent that some artist have.
Needing: a new job.
Smelling: dinner cooking
Wearing: trackies and tshirt - lazy day at home
Following: a few new blogs on bloglovin
Noticing: Colour
Knowing: what I want but unsure how to go about getting it.
Thinking: What do I need to put on my todo list for this week
Feeling: Motivated
Bookmarking: crochet patterns
Opening: My penpal letter!
Giggling: reading cards from my nieces
Feeling: content

What are you up to this week ?

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)


  1. Fingers crossed for you my friend!
    What a wonderful "now" list.....how fun!