Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Project Life - with a difference

A few years back Project Life hit the scrapbook world with a bang! A new way to scrap that to alot was a much easier and less time consuming way to get those memories into albums.
I seriously considered switching to PL but after checking it out a little more decided that I was happier to stick with the more conventional method. Firstly I dont scrap 12x12 so the page protectors didnt suit, I dont photograph our week either and with teenage(adult) sons thats not always an easy thing to achieve. I am more about scrapping events and special moments and hopefully a few odd everday things.
So the old way was for me, sadly though the motivation to scrap went walk about and I was scrapping less and less. I was still taking photos, hardly ever gettting any printed and rarely getting them onto layouts.

The last couple of months the urge to scrap again came back and  I did a few pages. I was seeing Project life pages all over my blog feed and more and more on different web sites, so I decided to have a go and see if I liked it.
I found some pocket pages in A4 size and then searched my huge photo piles for some photos. My PL pages are not the normal weekly happenings but more scrapping mulltiple photos the PL way (hope that makes sense).
I loved it, simple, quick and (I think) looks good!

I will certainly be doing more of this style, it was a great way (that didnt look cluttered) to get lots of photos scrapped at once.
Working out how to photograph them better is my next challenge, the plastic pocket pages really dont like the camera.
Goes to show that in the creative world things can be shuffled around to suit your needs!

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)


  1. Looks great Lis!

    Im doing a similar style but on 12x12 card - though I did notice spotlight now stocking the PL kits ;)

    Would a polarising lens work? I know they are supposed to stop reflections in glass / water!

    1. Thanks Car, will have to check out spotlight! Not sure about the lens will have to check it out more :)

  2. FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your pages!