Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Climb aboard the Puma Train!

 After what only seemed like a few weeks break the footy season is well and truly here with us again.We started the season of with a few practice games before the regular home and away season commenced and all teams looked set for a great season!
Jay put his hand up to umpire the clubs junior teams again this year and headed of to complete the trainings required for all club umpires. He loves getting out there on a Saturday morning and helping the kids have a great fun game of footy. Its funny watching him, my baby boy who looks so small at home with the rest of my boys looks so big on the field with the little Puma's.
Jay has already and will more than likely continue to help out with our senior teams, running water or filling in for boundary umpires when the need arises. 
 Dan starts his 2nd year of Under 18's stepping up this year as one of the older boys and taking on the role of ruck man with gusto! He loves his footy and would play 5 games a week if he could, so stepping up and playing for reserves is something he will do whenever asked.

 Josh started the season well  having a few good games before having to put his footy on hold for awhile after making the Logan representative basketball team. Will have more on that in another post.

Its a whole family affair for us with John once again taking on the role of Sports trainer for all 3 senior teams as well as looking after 1st aid for the club. Its a big job and long Saturdays but he really does enjoy his what he does. I love the concern he shows for his players (some of who he barely even knows) whenever they get injured.

Our footy day starts early, having to be at the ground for the first game by 9am (even earlier if Jay is umpiring juniors first) and usually ends around 5pm after 3 senior games + packing up. It makes for an exhausting long day for all of us but it also means that footy is all completed on the one day and unlike previous years we have no footy on Sundays.
I have taken on the task again this year of taking photos of all 3 games, trying to get those spectacular shots of the game that everyone loves to see (especially the players themselves). I spend all day with a camera in hand and have noticed that I'm seeing more of the game than when I just sat there and watched!
We have just completed round 6 and all teams are doing really well, the 18's and reserves are competing really well but the biggest improvement this year is our senior team who are yet to lose a game. Sitting top of the ladder and having just this weekend come away with a club record, beating Wilston Grange for the first time in the clubs history!! Well done boys, lets keep the Puma train going!!

I have a few creative posts lined up to share over the next few days so stay tuned.

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