Thursday, June 06, 2013

Creative Pen Pals

Everyone loves getting "happy mail", pretty little packages or letters that come without that little clear window that usually means a bill. Its exciting to open it up and see what's inside!
When I saw on instagram an opportunity to sign up for a pen pal I jumped at the chance. When I was younger I was lucky enough to have a pen pal through Girl Guides, she was from England and we spent many years exchanging letters and cards.
When Magdalena from The Craft Revival put out the call for anyone interested I quickly emailed her through my interest and details. It turns out that I wasnt the only one interested, she had over 200 replies!
 A few weeks ago I received my email with all the details for my new penpal! I have to admit it was a little exciting, I had someone from overseas to write to and potentially become good friends with.

 I got out my pretty fabric wrap that I was sent in a swap organised by Mel from One Crafty Mumma. I made sure it was stocked with lots of goodies all ready for my letter writing. you can see a post Mel did about creating one HERE.

Stationery wasnt something I looked at much online, or in local stores, but since joining up for a penpal I have noticed so much prettiness out there. I could go broke if I brought everything I wanted haha.

I got busy and wrote my first letter (ahem essay - sorry Tina) and sent it off to the USA. I hadnt thought about what I was going to do with or where to keep anything my penpal would send back to me. Mel did a blog post about a folder she made to keep all her penpals correspondence, you can see it HERE.
I didnt have all the materials to do one like Mel's so I searched around until I found a few things that would work.

A clear pastic folder (think it might have been an old address book cover) and I set about decorating it. I wanted something simple and not too fussy, the little notepaper pad I found a few weeks ago came in handy.
A few printed vintage bag tag inserts - all ready for penpals details inserted into business card plastic sleeves and it was beginning to take shape.

It took me awhile to work out the pages for holding letters, I didnt have any envelopes that would suit and I did think about cutting down file folders. Finally I found some lunch bags that were just perfect.
I decorated the front and attached tags on the sides for the name of my penpal. I have only made two at this point but figured it wouldnt be too hard to make up more if needed (wishful thinking here haha).

So there you have my quick simple creative penpal folder, if you have made one or intend to I would love to see it, please share!

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Lis :)


  1. That's so lovely that you're able to use the gratitude wrap - I still love and use mine too. I really love your take on my letter writing album too - so, so cool! xo

    1. Thanks Mel, have had my wrap all filled since I got it but rarely used it so its nice now that I can :)

  2. Awesome idea for keeping letters (I love making folders for different things!) you have made me sort of want a penpal now ;)

    1. Thanks Car, im a big lover of folders too. Haha put a shout out on IG im sure someone will love to be your penpal.

  3. Love this! Simply fabulous!

  4. What a fun thing a penpal is. I loved my German penfriend I had as a child. I kept all her letters in a paper sleeve I made and decorated. I still have them! I've tried to get in contact with her as an adult but I can't find her. :(

    1. I did the same thing with mine I had as a child, alas in all my moves I lost them. But what a memory to have to look back at.