Friday, May 31, 2013

Lets go Vintage!

 A couple of months ago I was reading through my facebook front page and came across a post by I Restore Stuff about a vintage store close to where I live. I was amazed this store was so close and that I drive past it on a weekly basis but never knew it existed.
Maree and I decided that a trip to check it out was in order, Oh MY what a store! Brisbane Antique Centre was just amazing full of vintage and antique pieces with a few retro pieces thrown in as well. We had so much fun wandering around finding all sorts of goodness, laughing about how we/mum/nan had one of "those".
 It would of been so easy to spend hundreds if not thousands but we were good comming out with just a few pieces each.

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The centre has its own little coffee shop, so whilst the men took our purchases and carefully wrapped them we sat and had coffee and chatted about how this store is going to become a regular visting place for us.
I came away with only 2 pieces but was super chuffed at finding them, the suitcase I have been seaching for something like this for ages, and the vintage watercolour set was almost brand new (have noticed since that the colours dont seem to be comming out very bright - age may be its downfall).

We will definately be heading back to see what other amazing things we can find!

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  1. Love your vintage finds! I love vintage too!